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Sanderlings and Dunlins of Crimdon Beach

A walk along a stretch of beach is so much more than sea and sand as I am sure you will agree. The Durham Heritage Coast is a wonderful way to experience a great deal of variety along a coast line and enjoy walking the coast here enormously. On my recent article about walking along Crimdon Beach I explored some of the delights that can be experienced here, but if you ever come to walk here you are greeted by groups of birds in great variety. And the Sanderling groups are front and centre, walking fast, on their little...

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A Walk Around Whitby

Whitby has a lot to offer for enthusiasts of a whole variety of interests. History, vampires, sea-food, super views and plenty of walks. It is a place my parents took me a few times as a young child. We had an afternoon free, why stay around the house, was time to take a drive up to North Yorkshire and Whitby! Even though a cloudy and cool day it was perfect for a refreshing few hours outside and away. The drive here shows how isolated it can be. Constrained by the North Yorkshire Moors, Whitby can feel cut away on...

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Juno Beach Pier, Florida: Colours and Scenes

When myself and Hubby decided to move from Myrtle Beach, SC to Jupiter Florida, and we found ourselves living a mere 3.2 miles from the beach, I decided to create a tradition. Jumping up before the sun reaches the horizon and to see if I could capture some decent sunrises around Juno Pier was my plan. No, of course I couldn’t do it every single morning, we do get a lot of rain in South Florida and we had one or two little windy events which put a damper, excuse the pun, on my dawn forays. Having lived in...

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A Road Trip to Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire

Robin Hoods Bay is a coastal village located within the North York Moors National Park and is just 5 miles south of Whitby, has been known predominately as a fishing village since its origins and there are many smuggling tales abound which, considering the many subterranean passageways known to exist beneath the village connecting many of the cottages is not surprising, smuggling was ripe along the North Yorkshire coast in the 18th century as it was along many rugged UK coastal villages and ports.   Our journey began early and the weather continually changing as we travelled Northwards, as was the intoxicating scenery. Yorkshire really is a...

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Walks Along Crimdon Beach, Durham

A beach I have walked many a time and in many a weather. Crimdon Beach is one of those joys where you can stretch your legs over a spectacular large sandy beach as well as it being so surprisingly quiet. I did this stretch of coast on my Tyne to Tees walk and that inspired me to come back, time and time again. It is on the the very South of the Durham coast and leads into Hartlepool Headland at the far end if heading from Crimdon. On a clear day you get great views over to the North...

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Walking Tenerife – Erjos to Masca

Tenerife, yes, it was wonderful to be back in Tenerife, hiking again! My favourite pastime in one of my favourite places to hike. Those that come to this island to drink and sunbathe may only see the sandy fraction of it in the South but those that wander see an island of vast variety, history, nature and culture. It was day one of the Tenerife Walking Festival and my first walk was to be Erjos to Masca, through the eastern Tuno Rural Park, along ridges and to see a beautifully green part of Tenerife. Let’s go! a 10 km...

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