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A walk around Rydal Water – reflections and nature

Rydal Water, as far as the main bodies of water go within the English Lake District, this is one of the smallest.. but is one of the most beautiful. A treasure to wander around at any time of year. Only just over a kilometre long and 3-4 hundred metres wide, a circuit of Rydal Water is a walk that so many can enjoy. If you are in the lakes there can’t be any excuses not to really. The A591 between Ambleside up to Grasmere, then Keswick is a huge tourist trap, the road a majority will travel. Heading from...

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Tewet Tarn and St John’s in the Vale

Tewet Tarn, a wondrous spot to be. A small body of water, that in my opinion, quite frankly surpasses many of the large lakes for panoramas and calmness. Without walking too many minutes from a car park, just a small 1 mile ramble really, it can enchant and leave glorious images in the memory for a lifetime. A place for all seasons. Why, just looking north you have the great mountains of Skiddaw and Blencathra side by side. (click panorama below for larger version) Of course, getting here for the ones who want a bigger hike can come from...

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A Derwentwater Dawn

Derwentwater at sunrise. Something that should be on the list of things to do if ever visiting the Lake District. Especially if the weather says a clear, calm morning is ahead. I am often in the area for hikes and climbs so always good to check the weather forecast, as I did this particular day. If I am up early anyway I may as well set off a little earlier and enjoy some natural beauty to help get the day started. You don’t have to hike for miles either to catch the morning light come from behind you, lighting...

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Newfoundland Reflections

That first image was taken in Hillgrade, Newfoundland, Canada. I have frequently visited this area and I have photographed this church several times. But, that day, it was just sheer perfection. Photography is the art of capturing light. You use your shutter speed and f-stop to manipulate the camera’s ability to capture the pixels of an image. When the conditions are ideal, you can capture reflections. Most of the times, these special moments occur when the water surface is smooth enough to act as a mirror. But it’s not necessary to get the perfect image. Sometimes the flaws add...

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Street scenes of Giudecca, Venice

In the last post looking out along the waterfront of Giudecca I promised to show some of the scenes within this isle and tell you a bit more before we leave this lovely spot. Being a long thin island to the South of Venice’s main island in the lagoon it has to be said I found it perfectly calm and relaxed compared to some of the packed areas across the Giudecca Canal with the Sao Marco spots etc. Of course the whole of the islands are a must see for there are great hidden gems all over. Today its...

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Winter Beauty Begins On The Old Man Of Coniston

A Monday morning, a fresh cold November morning. Frost producing clear blue skies above and a first bit of snow on the Lake District mountains over yonder. Twas time to get some admin done then spend an afternoon gander up The Old Man of Coniston. A mountain I have enjoyed on many an occasion and most definitely in such an array of weather conditions. The Old Man of Coniston (or otherwise known as Coniston Old Man) may not be in the elite highest of summits in altitude terms but the views and terrain for me ranks it right up...

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