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Revealing Expressions – Realistic art by Catherine Creaney

The light, the incredible detail in the realistic art by this self taught artist from Ireland makes you wonder if you’re looking at a photograph or a painting.. Please meet Catherine Creaney who will tell you all about herself and her art. I have always enjoyed art but started to develop a true passion for it from the age of about 13 and since then it has became a huge driving force in my life. Self taught I have developed my understanding of art through independent exploration. Mixing trial and error with studying the techniques of artists I admire. I have exhibited...

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Venetian life and people, passing by the crowds

In the previous Venice post I concentrated on the classic views – the Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal, the Gondolas etc – however what I hadn’t expected was the finer details of Venice – the buskers, the glimpsed views through arches, daily life going on in the small campo (squares) and the workers selling goods, cleaning, delivering goods, taking away the rubbish and generally keeping the city ticking over.  Although Venice’s resident population has dropped to below 60,000 the city still has a local flavour as many Venetians now commute in daily from Mestre or Padua to work in the city’s...

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The Reservation of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

Fort Hall, Idaho was a stop that became very interesting and enlightening. The Reservation of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. A chance to learn a little more about how the arriving Europeans and the then the influx of pioneers moving west had started to change not just the landscape forever, but also the way of life for peoples that had lived and roamed in the west for many thousands of years before. When talking about Native Americans you are clumping together a whole diversity of tribes, peoples, customs and languages. Today there are well over 500 recognised different tribes. Before modern...

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It’s the people not the place

Whilst I love the irresistible pairing of solitude and beauty, I could be in a barren wasteland and still have an amazing time if I’m with the right people. So, whilst they’re not always mutually exclusive, maybe it really is the people, not the place, that makes the best experiences. I arrived in New Zealand, after a long flight from Bangkok, and found myself on my own in a hostel in Christchurch. The hostel was a prison, not in the metaphorical sense, but in the literal sense. Or at least, used to be a prison, and still had all...

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Azerbaijan – Local people passing by

Our latest trip to Azerbaijan has been amazing as it ever is. From the snowy mountains, historical places to a walk through the city of Baku that never ceases to give great surprises on each trip there. Too much to see, too little time and so many photos to take…. Normally on a trip there’s so many beautiful landscapes and buildings to admire as we have already shown a part of. But I also like to stop for a while take a step back and watch the local people. When I do that there’s always lots of questions crossing my...

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A meeting with the President of Azerbaijan

It isn’t every day you meet a President, and as you can see from my hiking attire it was not what I woke up expecting either. Whilst I was at Pik Palace Hotel, Shahdag Ski Resort, the President, Ilham Aliyev decided it would be time to pay a visit, see the new hotel and to see how the rest of the resort was looking. I was then told that the President had seen and liked my articles from my visits to Azerbaijan and there could be a chance I could have a few minutes with him whilst we are both...

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