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Scenes of Kansas City, Missouri

Near the beginning of the Oregon Trail, at Independence, Missouri, it was nice to take in a couple of neighbourhoods of Kansas City. A place of BBQs and a place of Jazz. A great sprawling city of districts and suburbs. A day is nowhere near long enough to delve in properly but I was damn sure I would as much as possible. It was walking shoes on time and some hours to take in two varying areas, the Plaza and Westport, In all there are apparently well over 200 neighbourhoods! We have already shown a taste of the wonderful...

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The Stormy Beauty over the Midwest Great Plains

By all accounts we were extremely lucky as we travelled along the Oregon Trail in May. Although it was tornado season we managed to get along the trail very dry and quite sunny until Portland, it didn’t mean I could not miss what was happening within sight in the skies over the vast plains of the Midwest. I had been taking photos in wondrous sunshine at Chimney Rock, Nebraska, my bald head being beaten by the sun, but looking the other way was a great huge thunderhead rolling over. Now then, many of my American friends see this all...

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Independence: Chicago and Alton Railroad Depot

The place right at the start of the Oregon Trail, Independence, Missouri. It was this town that was the frontier, a place as far as steamboat and rail could come, the place that the pioneers came to but from then on in had to travel the wild 2000 miles plus westwards by wagon. It is hard to imagine now when you visit, the throngs of hopeful families, their whole lives packed into wagons ready to head into the unknown. All for want of a better life. In the mid 1800s, a railway was starting to be built up that...

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The Rieger Hotel Grill & Exchange of Kansas City: Delicious

To send us off on our journey along the Oregon Trail we had what I would describe as honestly one of the best meals I have had in a long time…. absolutely! The Rieger Hotel and Grill in Kansas City, Missouri was the plan for the evening’s meal and it turned into a perfect plan. The ‘Rieger Hotel’ was built in 1915 by local businessman Alexander Rieger and stands in Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District. Upon entering the restaurant you can see much of the original charm, look down you can see the original tiled floors of a time...

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Independence: Harry S Truman Library and Museum

It was the start of our journey along the Oregon Trail, over 2000 miles following the way of the wheeled wagons when the first pioneers headed out West in the 19th Century. Independence, Missouri, near Kansas City is the place it all begins. Independence was the home of the 33rd President of the United States, and he was the first to set up the now customary Presidential library of which there are now 13, going back to Herbert Hoover. The libraries were set up to preserve as much of the Presidency as possible in records, books and items. So...

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