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How well do you know your London landmarks?

Now then, how well do you think you know the sights of London? Some of you may live there, some of you may have travelled there and some of you may think you could recognise the landmarks easily! But do you know them really? London is, after all, the tourist capital that had people from outside Britain numbering over 17 million last year. But of course it is a getaway for people all around the UK too. Millions more are making their way to London for the breathtaking array of history, culture, architecture, shopping, entertainment, parks, cuisine and much...

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A Walk on the Wild Side…. In London’s Southwark Woods

I recently visited a pocket of London that remains wonderfully ‘wild’. A ‘secret’ woodland that delights local people and visitors alike. Locals have named them Southwark Woods – referring to an area of trees, wildflower lanes and common ground where nature has taken hold around Camberwell Old and New Cemeteries in Honour Oak, London. For a city where beautiful parks are usually kept neatly under control; this woodland has been left to grow ‘untamed’ around an old cemetery, untouched for many, many years. Here there are no manicured lawns or structured floral borders; this is a wild place –...

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London – a walk down Brick Lane

If ever in the East End of London and want to take in some great atmosphere walking the streets outdoors then I highly recommend a stroll along Brick Lane, Tower Hamlets. A fantastic mix of culture, food, creativity, vibrancy and more. The Brick Lane and Shoreditch areas have fast become my favourite parts of London to explore lately. So many pictures taken, so much seen and learnt already and more visits to come for sure.. Will start with a leisurely walk along Brick Lane.. This part of London has seen so many changes throughout the centuries. It is of course a lane...

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Great Luxury and Location – Andaz Liverpool Street, London

I was down in London recently and had the absolute pleasure of spending a couple of nights courtesy of  Andaz Liverpool Street.. In the five star boutique hotel that proved to be a perfect location also for access to some of my favourite parts of the capital. A short walk one way you can be in the heart of Shoreditch, wandering the delights of Brick Lane,  savouring a unique market or discovering some classic street art. Or just a short walk south you can be at the banks of the Thames, by the Tower of London, with Tower Bridge one...

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The Tower of London and the 100 year anniversary of the First World War

I was due to be in London on a Saturday in October, I knew that the opportunities to see the Tower Poppies were running out. I checked to see if a friend of mine was free and if he would like to join me. Fortunately for me, he was free and keen to see the wonderful scene too. We decided to combine it with a visit to The Tower of London. I booked it all online and hoped that I wouldn’t be delayed. The journey into London was a tad arduous due to some weekend tube line closures, but...

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Kew, a London Oasis

London can be a bit much sometimes. It’s busy and fun and full of stuff to do, but the constant rushing and the view-blocking sky-scrapers and packed tubes take their toll. Sometimes, I’d do anything for a bit of green, a bit of quiet. And that’s what Kew Gardens offers… and then some. Rather than a bit of green, Kew offers acres, stuffed full of nooks and crannies to retreat to, laden with rare and exotic plants and watched over by beautiful stately buildings. The Palm House is a warm, steamy, glass oasis of towering palms and beautifully dilapidated...

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