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Sicily: Street Food and Street Art

Sicily – the largest island in the Mediterranean – sits off the toe of Italy and is home to 5 million proud Sicilians.  It positively drips with history; with Greek temples, Roman aqueducts, Norman cathedrals and Arab Kasbahs dotted throughout the arid landscape. Palermo, Sicily’s capital city, is no exception – architecture buffs would be in their element, with countless churches, piazzas and TWO huge opera houses.   Alongside its buildings, Palermo is famous for its street food. Now I can appreciate a beautiful fountain but street food was what I was really looking forward to. With my Italian being as shaky as it is, I took some time before departure to learn the names...

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Tapas Heaven in Barcelona

This article is about the absolute best tapas restaurant in Barcelona that you must, must visit. It’s called Cerveceria Catalana and it is based about a 10-minute walk from the university. In my case, this meant a 10-minute walk from my AirBnb, so I visited it twice in three days… It’s has two bars – seemingly split between seafood and meat/vegetarian-based tapas and both are stuffed to the brim with individual items that change according to the fresh produce available. Both bars are heavily crowded, with locals drinking wine and sampling the delicate morsels on a whim – the...

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Stafford – Church Lane and The Soup Kitchen

I have shown you over previous posts just some of the historic and remarkable buildings of Stafford. But, for refreshment of mind together with refreshment of the taste buds you should head to Church Lane in the old quarter. Church Lane is literally off from St Mary’s Church. This old lane is a deceptively quiet little spot. A thoroughfare to the shopping area for many or for people taking a touristic wander through town.  There is one other big reason people head to here though…. The Soup Kitchen. The Soup Kitchen is quite possibly the best known eatery in Stafford, and...

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La Conca: Delicious Agriturismo of Le Marche

A day for feasting, a day for walking of a different kind. Walking around the gardens and fields of La Conca in Le Marche, Italy, picking most of the herbs and ingredients for the great dinner we were to enjoy. In the beautiful area of Smerillo. Oh my what a backdrop too. The sun beating down with the snow capped peaks of the Sibillini Mounatains around us. I will be the first to admit that before today I did not have the first clue about herbs and edible plants. But just walking the farmland and the garden here at...

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Malta – Cake at The Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

In a previous post I showed some wanderings around the old capital of Malta, Mdina. A city free of cars and just the hustle and bustle of tourists and a whole plethora of alleyways and buildings to explore. One of the most popular stops on a walk through is The Fontanella Tea Garden. A cafe with no razzmatazz PR etc, a place that speaks for itself, in word of mouth, quality food, views, and famous home made cakes. It is true, when in Malta and you say you have been to Mdina, a whole lot of people will automatically...

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Mild Yellow Chicken Curry

As a wetter than average summer reaches its final weeks here in Australia, our garden has responded with a long display of flowers and generous yield of produce. Our vegetable plot is providing buckets of purple skinned potatoes and Oxheart tomatoes: it’s curry time! Potatoes are a great way to thicken stocks, so this mild aromatic yellow curry has pureed potato and tomato as its base. Adding fresh aromatics gives a great depth of flavour to this easy to prepare recipe. Use a large cooking pot, as this recipe will feed the whole family. Alternatively, it can be reheated...

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