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A Walk Above Stanhope in The Durham Dales

The Durham Dales, a wonderful place to walk and hike. It is indeed and even more so with your dog as everywhere seems to be so dog friendly. I am sure your four legged friend would never forget all the wide open valleys and countryside being discovered too! After our morning exploits around Teesdale and Low/High Force we too the time to drive over to another valley for the afternoon walk, Weardale! And a gorgeous drive it was too. The destination in Weardale was Stanhope. A great place to start many a walk. Just taking a look in the...

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Tenerife Landscapes & Seascapes: Whilst dreaming of Humboldt and Darwin

Lots of people will probably think of Tenerife as the home of cheap (ish) holidays in the sun for Northern Europeans – especially the ‘lager louts’ of Britain.  And to some extent this has been the case – Los Christianos and Las Americas still have a little bit of this image.   Tenerife and the other Canary islands, however, have a lot more to offer.  My previous blog on Dolphins outlines some of the marine wildlife watching opportunities of the islands.  The geology is also fantastic, the centre of Tenerife being the volcano of El Teide  – also the...

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Dove Stone Reservoir – A Saddleworth Gem

A place I have actually lived at and a place that draws me back time and time again, Dove Stone Reservoir, Saddleworth. On the outer edge of Oldham and Greater Manchester, above the village of Greenfield and nestled below the Pennines is this area of beauty that can be, and is, enjoyed by many. You may or may not know I am an Oldham lad, aye! From as young as I remember my dad took me on my first steps in nature and on hills at Dove Stone. Childhood adventures among the rocky outcrops, boulders and forests. It was...

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Climb Criffel to views over four lands

Heading north into Scotland turning left along the northern side of the Solway Firth you hit the A75 to Dumfries. Going Westward you cannot fail to see the prominent peak of Criffel, isolated against the skyline and teasingly inviting for a climb. In fact it is the prominent hill you see if you have ever looked across to Scotland from the north of Cumbria too. I was in the area so just had to get out and climb up again whilst the sun shone a little. There are four lands it is possible to see from the top. More...

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Malta – Clapham Junction (Dingli Cart Ruts)

The Dingli Cart Ruts are one of those spots on Malta that brings history and mystery together, with quite a bit of geology thrown in too. As I was walking the Dingli Cliffs on the western edge of Malta there were signs inland to a place known as simply ‘Cart Ruts’ or maps saying ‘Clapham Junction’!? It was time to investigate of course. Once you park up you cannot miss them. A large field of limestone paving with parallel tracks leading across in all directions. I have come across Cart Ruts before on the Oregon Trail. In so many ways...

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Sweden – A walk around Vaxholm

Last summer we started our first and long anticipated trip to Sweden with a visit to Vaxholm, a lovely village in the Stockholm Archipelago. We arrived at the Stockholm-Arlanda airport where we picked up our rental car and it was only a 45 minute drive to Vaxholm. Making it a nice day trip when you’re staying in the city. There’s also a bus service between Stockholm and Vaxholm. During the summer months there’s even a better way of travelling to Vaxholm: by boat ! Vaxholm is a small but truly picturesque village, well known for its wooden houses and surrounded...

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