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Via Ferrata in the Dolomites

I’m walking along a small ledge, about a metre or so wide. To my right is a steep slope which levels off around 20 metres below me, and to left is a sheer drop which is probably a few hundred metres down but the cloud cover below me prevents me from seeing the full extent of the drop. In front of me is a bridge that looks like it has been put together during a period when sturdy Italian planks were in very short supply. I unclip one karabiner from the iron cable and re-clip it back on the...

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Hiking in the Dolomites

Italy is such a seductive place for the traveller. I don’t think that there is is another country that has so much beauty and difference in such a relatively small area. Be it the rolling hills of Tuscany, the dramatic Amalfi coast, the stunning great lakes of the North, the historic towns and cities, the food, the wine, or the beautiful people. La dolce vita. There is so much to enjoy in Italy and for walkers it even has the most beautiful mountains. The Dolomites are dramatic, spectacular, colourful, and should be on any hiker’s to do list, or...

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Sicily: Street Food and Street Art

Sicily – the largest island in the Mediterranean – sits off the toe of Italy and is home to 5 million proud Sicilians.  It positively drips with history; with Greek temples, Roman aqueducts, Norman cathedrals and Arab Kasbahs dotted throughout the arid landscape. Palermo, Sicily’s capital city, is no exception – architecture buffs would be in their element, with countless churches, piazzas and TWO huge opera houses.   Alongside its buildings, Palermo is famous for its street food. Now I can appreciate a beautiful fountain but street food was what I was really looking forward to. With my Italian being as shaky as it is, I took some time before departure to learn the names...

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The Perfect Trattoria in Rome

My friend Katie and I were busy getting lost in Rome when we stumbled, quite literally, across the most incredible little trattoria. It was so incredible that I need to share it with you, so it can be added as a compulsory ‘to do’ on your next trip. We’d been ambling down the river, walking back from a failed trip to the Vatican (failed because it turns out we actually only saw the museums…), when we came into Trastevere – a cute little neighbourhood of cobbled streets and pizzerias. It started to rain so we dove straight first into...

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Il Vecchio Tasso: Stay in the Sibillini foothills

I have shown you some of the things I got up to on a recent visit to the beautiful Le Marche area of central Italy, an area amongst the foothills of the Sibillini Mountains. In fact I have more to show as well! But I couldn’t pass by without showing the wonderful place I stayed at during my travels there. Il Veccio Tasso. Il Vecchio Tasso is an idyllic stone old country house that sits near the hilltop town of Smerillo. In fact it sits not far from many of the gorgeous old hilltop town and villages that are...

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La Fessa of Smerillo: Through the cleft in the cliff

Smerillo, Le Marche, Italy is an astounding place. So much so it deserves an article of its own that I shall post here of course. A village perched high on a hilltop, there is a unique natural wonder to walk through on the way up or down, La Fessa. Around 3 and a half to 5 million years ago a fissure split a part of the cliff away and today you can walk… or squeeze your way through quite easily. It is only a five minute walk through at normal pace… but you will be spending a lot longer than that...

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