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Idaho – A tour within The Old State Penitentiary

Boise, Idaho was the stop for a very interesting and thought provoking place on my Oregon Trail adventure. The Idaho Old State Penitentiary! A place that opened in 1872 as the prison for the then Idaho Territory. As I wandered around it was chilling to realise that it was in use all the way up to 1973. One hundred and one years, over 13,000 inmates, men, women, children. This tour was an incredible preserved insight into justice of the 19/20th century and more. In 1973 the prison closed after a series of big riots. Riots about conditions mainly, and...

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Idaho: Perrine Bridge and Perrine Coulee Falls

Back again to the magnificent Snake River and literally only minutes away from the wonderful Shoshone Falls. The great looking Perrine Bridge spans the canyon and a little down river I took the opportunity to sit, rest and marvel at the view up river. The bridge goes over high above the river at 486 feet (148 metres) and across it is 1500 feet (457 metres). In 1927 it was opened and was at the time the highest bridge in the world. Actually, quirkily thinking about it, the bridge above sea level is 3600 feet… higher than the top of...

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A stay at Riverside Hot Springs Inn, Idaho

A remarkable area of Idaho we had entered as we travelled west. An afternoon comprising of Soda Springs Geyser, followed by relaxing in the lava hot springs. It seemed totally fitting to stop for the night at the Riverside Hot Springs Inn! Unique, homely, quiet, historical. Wonderful friendly hosts, fantastic food…. and their own natural lava pool tubs you can enjoy. The hotel was built in 1914 by William Richard Godfrey, it is situated right by and overlooking the Portneuf River. Why here? It was a spot that had natural hot therapeutic mineral water and he had built into the hotel...

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The Reservation of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes

Fort Hall, Idaho was a stop that became very interesting and enlightening. The Reservation of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes. A chance to learn a little more about how the arriving Europeans and the then the influx of pioneers moving west had started to change not just the landscape forever, but also the way of life for peoples that had lived and roamed in the west for many thousands of years before. When talking about Native Americans you are clumping together a whole diversity of tribes, peoples, customs and languages. Today there are well over 500 recognised different tribes. Before modern...

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Shoshone Falls: The Niagara of the West

South Idaho and overlooking Snake River was the scene for us to stop to look at magnificent beauty. Shoshone Falls or known by some with the tag ‘The Niagara of the West’. From the many viewing platforms in the park overlooking, I am pretty sure that all who see them first hand get a total ‘wow’ moment or two as I did. Surrounded by magnificent landscapes, the wide canyon heading west, the falls cascading down creating colour beyond colour. Marvellous indeed. Shoshone falls are actually higher than Niagara Falls, by 14 metres (45 feet). The falls stand at 65...

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Idaho: The natural heated pools of Lava Hot Springs

Was a perfect end to a day on the road, a warm soak in the natural geothermal pools of Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Mineral water flowing out from under the nearby mountain and into contained pools for many to relax in. After seeing the geyser of Soda Springs this place was just a few miles down the road. Still in the oasis of natural underground volcanic activity that gives delights to visitors above ground. After almost a week on the Oregon Trail, and after many hundreds of miles, it was perfect time to partake in some relaxation. What a...

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