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GoPro Animals on My Travels and Wanders

The Gopro is one piece of kit I carry with me most of the time. Local walks or high climbs sometimes prohibit the want to carry a proper camera around or carry a backpack. The Gopro is so small it fits into my pocket very easily for those, you never know, moments. It gives me so much adaptability over the smartphone camera use. You have seen what can be done even in your own garden from the GardenCam articles so far. Of course being out in the countryside so much I come across animals small and large. Quite often...

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Horses in the frame

As I wander the world, amongst nature and surrounded by enormous landscapes, there are of course the animals large and small, that have enlightened many a scene. We have shown many a creature so far in the animals section of the site, from insect to whale. But what about the horse? I have come across so many that it would be shame to let them all pass by without a mention 🙂 A fascinating creature that has been domesticated since as far back as 4000 BC and possibly further. From huge shire horses pulling great carts to little ponies running...

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Wild Horses of Assateague Island

As I stood on the sidewalk of the public beach parking lot at Assateague Island National Park, watching the horses walk between the rows of cars on the hot concrete, I felt that I didn’t belong. There were five horses walking my direction, towards the sand I was standing on and the grasses growing there. I started taking pictures as fast as I could, all the while trying to move out of the way. Others were doing the same…turning to stare and whip out their cameras as fast as possible, like we were seeing freaks at the carnival. Only,...

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Appleby Horse Fair – Gypsy and Traveller Portraits

These two gentleman have obviously just purchased new sun hats – do you think they got a BOGOF deal? Appleby Horse Fair is great for people watching.  It attracts gypsy characters from all over Great Britain and Ireland. Thousands of gypsies, and thousands more tourists, double or even treble the town’s population. This year the weather was glorious, there was relatively little trouble and as a consequence everyone was in good humour.  Vests, sunburn, talk of horses and catching up with old friends was the order of the day…. In the next post all comes together, horses, sunshine and...

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Appleby Horse Fair – Washing Down in the River

I managed to get a few hours down at the river Eden at Appleby Gypsy Fair.  For those of you not familiar with this fair it is the annual gathering of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish Gypsies to trade horses and generally have a good time.  It is held in Appleby, Cumbria, UK every June and has been going on for several hundred years. It was first chartered in 1685. The River Eden loops through Appleby and traditionally the annual scenes includes the gypsies washing their horses in the river before trying to sell them. The scenes, sights and...

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Canada – Riding Away From It All Over The Saskatchewan Prairie

Canada, one great big incredible country. So much to do and so much you maybe didn’t think you could do. A place that has been a draw to my imagination for quite some time, a chance to set foot here for adventure is a chance I am relishing. After arriving in the province of Saskatchewan and the City of Saskatoon it was time to head out to the prairie, just a couple of hours drive into a rolling hills paradise. I have arrived at the start of fall so to look out over the land the pale brown vistas...

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