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Hiking ‘Dragon Crest’ Mountain in Thailand

I knew hiking a mountain forest in 98% humidity in Thailand was going to be a challenge.  I also knew that it would be slow-going, as there would be so many photo opportunities!  It would take over three hours to reach the summit of Ngorn Nak or ‘Dragon Crest’ Mountain – a sacred mountain towards the north of Krabi in Thailand.   At the start of the hike, the forest trail led through lush jungle.  Big leaves and bright flowers greeted us – along with a little shrine for the dragon mountain.   The jungle canopy provided welcome shade...

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Hope Valley Circular Via Bamford Village

Hope Valley in Derbyshire’s Peak District National Park derives its name from the village of Hope. The area was mentioned in the Doomsday Book in 926ad recording that a local battle was won by King Athelstan, and it was also mentioned that Hope village had a church and a priest, quite a rare occurrence at that time in Derbyshire. The nearby Win Hill Pike and Lose Hill are said to be named so after a battle with King Edwin of Northumbria and King Cuicholm of Wessex in 626ad. The ancient trading route The Portway is nearby, and the river...

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Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. A beautiful mountainous part of the world. Stunning yet wonderfully quiet, especially so early Spring when I was there recently. Snow still on the peaks quite low, but temperatures hitting 20 degrees celsius. A combination that creates gorgeous scenes, plus every day a joy to get out on foot. Within just a short walking distance of where I was staying in Žabljak was Black Lake, I had heard so much about it, time to see for myself. I was here remember as part of a challenge. To explore the area, hike and travel without any luggage....

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Lost Luggage Challenge in Durmitor National Park

A challenge indeed! When MoneySuperMarket challenged me to travel to Montenegro, hike the mountains, for 4 days, I initially thought how hard can that be? I would be in my element! Then came the catches… I was to take no more than the clothes I was wearing, a smartphone, a charger for the said smartphone and 300 pounds cash. Quite a lot of people know the pain of travelling with their luggage lost. As much as 25% of travellers according to data from ERV Travel Insurance and Columbus. So…. (oh yes of course I was allowed to carry my...

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Video: Paul Steele and Wrangler x Leatherman

I have recently had the pleasure of being able to give some of my personal thoughts, on video, on why I love to get out and about hiking and climbing. Plus how I see others get inspired by their first taste of the hills and mountains. This opportunity came because two legendary American brands, Wrangler and Leatherman, have joined forces in celebration of some of their most iconic products. Two brands I have most definitely come to use and love over the years, especially in the great outdoors. Wrangler, the jean brand of action and adventure and Leatherman, maker...

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Newfoundland – The Manuels River Trail

I decided one day last summer that it was a good day for me to explore The Manuels River Trail.  I had heard about this trail and was anxious to see it for myself.  But first, I had to find it!  Thanks to a quick Internet search and the wonderful technology of GPS, I discovered it was a 30 minute drive outside of the city of St John’s.  The drive was very relaxing as I traveled through one small section of the picturesque province of Newfoundland. I arrived at the Interpretation center and within a few minutes; I was...

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