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La Conca: Delicious Agriturismo of Le Marche

A day for feasting, a day for walking of a different kind. Walking around the gardens and fields of La Conca in Le Marche, Italy, picking most of the herbs and ingredients for the great dinner we were to enjoy. In the beautiful area of Smerillo. Oh my what a backdrop too. The sun beating down with the snow capped peaks of the Sibillini Mounatains around us. I will be the first to admit that before today I did not have the first clue about herbs and edible plants. But just walking the farmland and the garden here at...

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The Charm of The Lambs

A big signal the end of Winter is in sight. The fields all around start to get populated by the newborn lambs already. Little, curious, unsteady on their feet and enlightening the views as the days slowly, but surely, start to get longer and warmer. Even on cold, dull, damp February mornings amongst the showers, the cute little lambs bring a smile to your face and to the journeys out and about. It is a time to keep the hounds most definitely on a lead. Not that Monty and Jasmine would ever even bother them, but it is not...

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