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Experience Catalunya – Lleida and the Pyrenees

So what do you know about Catalunya? Many of you will have been to Barcelona and it’s a fabulous and vibrant city. Maybe you’ve taken a holiday in the Costa Brava and been fortunate enough to discover one of its beautiful and romantic coastal towns such as Calella de Palafrugell? Maybe south to the Costa Daurada? But what more? Well, there is plenty more to Catalunya if you are brave enough to hire a car and set off on a voyage of discovery. There are natural parks in every direction, fabulous wine regions to explore, and, of course, great...

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Time with the Batwa People of Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest

I had arrived at Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest in the South West of Uganda. The plane journey and the experience over road of the previous posts was over and it was time to discover this magical part of the world. Before setting foot in the jungle I took a time out to see the people who since basically the beginnings of mankind, lived deep in the forest, The Batwa People, or Batwa Pygmies, as well known otherwise. I personally felt and feel uncomfortable calling them pygmies, no matter how much they use the term themselves…… due to historical connotations. Yes,...

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Uganda – The Road to Bwindi

It was time for the second leg of my journey to see the wild Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Rainforest. I was really getting excited for the adventures ahead but like I have said before I do love the adventure of getting to my destination too. Seeing a country as I travel through and seeing the culture and people. After the first leg, the flight to Kihihi from Entebbe, there was still a 1 and half hours journey by road to get to the rainforest and the base for some amazing treks. A perfect time to lap up some...

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Special Highlights from El Camino Hike with G Adventures

In the previous two posts on this topic we covered the 3 Main Stages of the El Camino Itinerary and the Overall Sentiments of the experience along the famed pilgrimage route. In this post I want to delve a little deeper and share with you my personal highlights from the trip and what I believe are some of the most stunning and amazing locations along the final 6 days of The Way. Now I want you to bear in mind that I often work as a travel photographer and absolutely love taking photographs (and making videos), so this selection...

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Slovakia – Trvana, a Taste of Tradition

I was very lucky to be invited to my friend’s home in Slovakia, not only was I looking forward to meeting her family it meant I got a personal tour of this beautiful country. After being greeted by her family at Bratislava airport we headed 47km northeast to the city of Trvana. This is the seventh largest city of Slovakia located on the river Trnavka. The city is often referred to as the “Slovak Rome” thanks to many churches within its city walls. Trvana was a very important market settlement as it was the junction of two roads, one...

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Malta – a wander around Mdina, the old capital

If you have ever travelled around Malta there is surely one place you cannot miss. High, near the centre of the main island on top of a hill, the old capital city of Malta, Mdina. The silent city. Way before Valletta came into play Mdina was the centre of all that was Malta. You can see it prominently in the skyline from miles around and the old grandeur hits you even before entering throughinside the walls via the Mdina main gate (below). There has been evidence of settlement here going back to around 4000 BC but it was the Phoenicians...

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