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Sitio Litre – The Orchid Garden of Tenerife

The oldest garden on the island of Tenerife. Not the biggest attraction but yet a very interesting one and a wonder for the senses too! If you are ever visiting Puerto de la Cruz in the North of the island then this is a recommended stop. It is hard to see in the modern setup of the city but this was once ‘the’ big private mansion of the area built in 1730 as a convent originally. The gardens are open to the public, full of history with famous names for visitors gone by, plus open to the public to...

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Tenerife – A Colourful Walk Around Puerto de la Cruz

It had been a wonderful week on Tenerife once more, hiking some magnificent trails as part of the Tenerife Walking Festival. I had a day for downtime before my flight back home so it was time to explore more of the city I was staying in, Puerto de la Cruz. Most people, I imagine, think of Tenerife as places like Playa de las Americas etc of Tenerife South. A very touristic part of the island, bars, hotels and more sandy and bare. Around to the North of the Island there is such contrast. A lot greener, a lot quieter,...

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A Colourful Walk Through Chinatown London

It was a busy day heading backwards and forwards across London for meetings and networking. You know how it is, those days were you never find the time to look around you properly. But for me it is always good to get some respite, no matter where I am, it doesn’t have to be always in hills and landscapes. I had passed through Soho and realised my next destination was through Chinatown and beyond. I had time to spare so pulled out the phone and Gopro to marvel at the colour. What was even more special was the fact that...

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Sunrise variety of the Eden Valley

Last Summer I sat with camera on the lawn and took some photos that became the post on the Eden Valley sunset.. However, as I currently live in these parts of Cumbria, I do spend more time early in the mornings out wandering the valley with the hounds. Autumn is especially great for the morning dog walk, the sunrises can be dramatic, different colours and full of variety. You never know how it will be from one day to the next, not a bad thing at all.. Some days purple, some days pink or orange, very rarely is it...

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Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

Dawning a new day surrounded by nature, can be one of the most pleasurable things a person can do. The quietness. The serenity. The peacefulness. The early morning rise may not be the easiest, but once you see the beauty, your senses will awaken. In Newfoundland, Canada we experience a lot of colorful shows. The sunrises are intense and the sunsets are just as vibrant. Personally, I enjoy the sunrises more. Most of the world is asleep as you witness what Mother Nature has to offer. There is a saying:  Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning. When you know...

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Where the Wild Orchids grow

A pleasant surprise to come upon literally right outside the door. Wild Orchids in June bloom, in the garden. There have been a few the last few years on the roadside verge down the lane, but this year they seem to have finally made the way into the wild garden at home. Not masses but a few here and there in amongst the big daisies and tall grass, and by the hedgerow. Pinks, purples and whites amongst the green. There are well over 20,000 known species of orchid around the world, in context that is more than double the...

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