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A Christmas Evening Walk Around York

York, a beautiful place to walk around any time of year, but Christmas makes the City come even more alive. Lights adorning landmarks and bridges. The Christmas market in full flow with the cold evenings extra revellers. A perfect time of year too, to spend an evening, walking with camera, looking out for unique scenes as well as the known hotspots. I have walked around York many a time, be it the short, historic route around the City Walls, or through the middle on a busy shopping day. York has so much to offer for all kinds of tastes....

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Durham – Wharton Park to City Views

It was the beginning of a weekend break in Durham. A City I had only briefly explored in the past but now I could explore more thoroughly the history, views and nature, plus much more. The more I read the more I realised that I was going to discover much variety and there was a lot to see. So where to start? Well, Wharton Park was perfect! Only a few minutes walk North out of the centre, near the railway station, in fact you don’t realise you have gradually climbed up enough to see the best views over the...

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A Colourful Walk Through Chinatown London

It was a busy day heading backwards and forwards across London for meetings and networking. You know how it is, those days were you never find the time to look around you properly. But for me it is always good to get some respite, no matter where I am, it doesn’t have to be always in hills and landscapes. I had passed through Soho and realised my next destination was through Chinatown and beyond. I had time to spare so pulled out the phone and Gopro to marvel at the colour. What was even more special was the fact that...

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Minimal Amsterdam

Continuing my little foray into minimal photography whilst on city breaks and following Minimal Edinburgh and Minimal Glasgow I now present Minimal Amsterdam. OK – I admit all these pictures are not all that minimal – but still they aren’t the normal picture postcard views of a city. In my first blog about Amsterdam I quoted that the French philosopher René Descartes wrote in 1631 of the Dutch Republic: “Where else in the world can one enjoy all the comforts of life and all the interesting things that a person might wish to find? What other country is there...

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A whistle stop tour of Boston and Salem

A day off in Boston and I needed to make a plan. The Internet is such a great tool allowing us all the freedom to search out exciting things to do Worldwide. I tap ‘Salem’ into my search engine and I’m off and running. So many suggestions, but I decide on a high-speed ferry ride from Boston ferry terminal, along with a trolley tour of Salem. I wake up to a glorious day and head downstairs for a hearty breakfast; the only way for me to start the day. Straight afterwards I start out on my walk through the...

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The Tower of London and the 100 year anniversary of the First World War

I was due to be in London on a Saturday in October, I knew that the opportunities to see the Tower Poppies were running out. I checked to see if a friend of mine was free and if he would like to join me. Fortunately for me, he was free and keen to see the wonderful scene too. We decided to combine it with a visit to The Tower of London. I booked it all online and hoped that I wouldn’t be delayed. The journey into London was a tad arduous due to some weekend tube line closures, but...

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