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Pets Make the House a Home

Owning pets can be a real pleasure and ultimately transform your house into a home, but if you’re already a pet owner I hardly need to mention it. I’ve grown up with pets around me all my life and can’t remember a time when we didn’t own at least a few pets at a time. Keeping animals is tied into my genes. My Grandad, Henry and grandma Alice, although I never met them, lived on a Hampshire farm with my mother and her 7 siblings. As soon as my mum was old enough she too began her own small...

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2 Bassets and the Boss

Yes I hike and climb…. a lot! So, what dogs do I have? Border Collie? Labrador? Spaniel? nooooooo I have 2 lazy, stubborn, smelly twin Basset Hounds. But you know what? I love em to bits For their own health and safety (short legs, heavy weight, big long bodies) I cannot take them on any steep climbs and thus you will see me do many more relaxed or even flatter walks too.  They are such a joy to wander with.  Warning.. Must have patience. These two are rescued.  In fact you would not believe how many of this breed...

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