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Redmires Reservoirs, Beauty Abound Any Time of Year

Driving along the winding A57 and leaving Sheffield behind, the countryside is more and more alluring to the eye and without prior knowledge or straying off the beaten track the Redmires Reservoirs could be completely over looked which we have done many times before. Taking a turn uphill, purely to explore we discovered this stunning area and a new place to play, hike and wonder at. The reservoirs were created in 1836 to give clean drinking water to the people of Sheffield, four years after the Sheffield area was struck down with a terrible outbreak of cholera in 1832....

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Climb Criffel to views over four lands

Heading north into Scotland turning left along the northern side of the Solway Firth you hit the A75 to Dumfries. Going Westward you cannot fail to see the prominent peak of Criffel, isolated against the skyline and teasingly inviting for a climb. In fact it is the prominent hill you see if you have ever looked across to Scotland from the north of Cumbria too. I was in the area so just had to get out and climb up again whilst the sun shone a little. There are four lands it is possible to see from the top. More...

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Brighton – A winter day trip

On a cold, foggy day, Brighton became a spontaneous destination for another of our regular day trips around the UK. The ancient settlement of “Brighthelmstone” pre-dates the Doomsday Book, and a popular destination as a sea bathing resort during the 1800’s “for one’s good health.” Brighton was also used by the Prince Regent, George IV of England as a seaside retreat. One ingenious invention, the steam railway, arrived in Brighton in 1841 and brought with it a growing interest from a rush of London day-trippers, many of which fell in love with the area and built up businesses in...

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Murton Pike and views over the Eden Valley

Murton Pike is an unmistakeable conical hill sitting at the foot of the Northern Pennines in the Eden Valley, Cumbria. A tempter for many a quick ramble, family walk, dog walk or for the keener, a fell run sprint. Being only a 5 minute drive from Appleby in Westmorland it is a big local favourite as well as a draw for visitors wanting a shorter climb in the area. There are fewer summits that give such vast views from a relatively low height. lets take a look at the views and why there are some uniquely rocked and shaped peaks...

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Barrow from Braithwaite – A short ridge walk to stunning views

Barrow is a small fell in the Northern Lake District that height wise reaches just 1,494 feet (455 metres). But, the short walk up its ridge from the village of Braithwaite gives some spectacular views over the vales of Keswick and Newlands.  This photo above shows the view looking back from just half way up, just half an hour steady easy climbing. Already here it commands views back down over Braithwaite to Bassenthwaite Lake behind, with Skiddaw towering in the background. You will see this is a gem of a climb for many standards. A fantastic first climb for the...

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Sunrise variety of the Eden Valley

Last Summer I sat with camera on the lawn and took some photos that became the post on the Eden Valley sunset.. However, as I currently live in these parts of Cumbria, I do spend more time early in the mornings out wandering the valley with the hounds. Autumn is especially great for the morning dog walk, the sunrises can be dramatic, different colours and full of variety. You never know how it will be from one day to the next, not a bad thing at all.. Some days purple, some days pink or orange, very rarely is it...

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