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Gardencam Highlights – A Summer in Cumbria

It was my final Summer living in Cumbria, but still plenty of time to keep the gardencam rolling. And yet again there was no end of surprises and variety of bird feeder visitors to light up the days. You may recall the Spring highlights from earlier this year… snow still on the ground at times and young birds tentatively.. or bravely flying in for the nuts and seed. Well Summer here brought colours upon colours, of both birds and scenery. When I post these pictures as I get them, on social media, I am often asked again how it...

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Gardencam highlights – Pre Spring

It has been very much an experiment that seems to be improving as I go along. Moving home has been an interruption of course but every now and then I give it a try. Set the GoPro up in various spots around the garden and see what happens. The great thing about using a GoPro in this way, rather than going for the exquisite photos with a long zoom lens, is that you get a close up with a wide angle, not just a zoom in on a bird. It gives a whole different dimension to the photos and...

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Puffins on the Isle of Staffa

The Isle of Staffa is a beautiful and uninhabited (approximately 80 acres) small rocky island off the west coast of Mull that is home to a fascinating and comical seabird – the Puffin. These small little birds are often called sea parrots because of their vivid colours. To get to the Isle of Staffa, you have to take a ferry. There are important colonies of seabirds that breed on Staffa and as you approach the island during the summer months, you will notice the variety of birds flying to and from the island.  It is home to hundreds of...

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Galapagos, Española – one of the greatest wildlife walks on the planet

This trip to Ecuador was incredible each and every day. A huge highlight whilst on the the Galapagos was the short walk at Punta Suarez on the island of Española. We arrived offshore on the Sunday morning on La Pinta and disembarked for the dry landing on a headland. We’d been told to expect something special, and how right they were. It has got to be one of the greatest wildlife walks in the world – Galapagos sea lions, marine iguanas, lava lizards, blue footed boobies, Nazca boobies, nesting waved albatrosses, views to die for and all in about a...

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Ecuador – Mashpi Biodiversity Reserve

I think I have just been to heaven. Well, I think I might have just spent a couple of days in a biologist’s heaven anyway. The Mashpi Biodiversity Reserve in Ecuador is a part of one of the greatest biodiversity ‘hot spots’ on the planet. This ‘hot spot’ is a rainforest called the Chocó which extends from Panama in the north to Ecuador in the south, squeezed between the Pacific coast to the west and the Andes to the east. Its position to the North of the Equator (although a little bit is South of the Equator) and running...

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The Tame Robins

In previous posts we have discussed the unmistakeable Robin in more detail. The Robin is common visitor to many gardens and has a highly territorial and nasty side to it with other birds. The red breast a big warning to others that may want to enter his space. To us humans though it can be one of the tamest. It is one of the birds that, with plenty and plenty of patience and stillness with calmness that you can eventually have eating out of your hand. Whilst on one of my recent visits to Leighton Moss Reserve, it wasn’t the waders...

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