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Up Close With Fluffy White Seal Pups – England’s East Coast

Did you know that there are beaches in England where you can get up close with over 1600 fluffy white seal pups? There are 4 thriving Grey Seal pupping colonies on England’s East Coast: Donna Nook in Lincolnshire, the Farne Islands off Northumberland and Blakeney and Horsey colonies in Norfolk. I visited Donna Nook in late November, just as pup numbers were reaching their peak.   Seals, seals, as far as the eye can see. Brownish-grey adults laying on the sand intermingled with the bright white fur of newborn pups. Some pups had even opted to snooze right up against the double fence that separates seals and visitors by only half a metre. Close enough to touch – not...

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Walking and Wildlife on the Isles of Scilly

Adrift in the Atlantic, a mere 28 miles from Land’s End, the Isles of Scilly are a walker’s dream. This stunning archipelago of over 150 islands (5 of which are inhabited) is England, but not as you know it. The weather is amongst the mildest and sunniest in the UK, hedgerows bloom with subtropical flowers and white sandy beaches fade into turquoise seas. Well, the islands aren’t designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for nothing…   I had come to the Isles of Scilly for the WalkScilly Autumn Weekend, the sister event to the annual WalkScilly walking festival – held in April each year (4-14 April 2018). Over a jam-packed programme of guided walks, WalkScilly celebrates the very best that the Isles of Scilly have to...

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Durham Dales: Black Grouse of The North Pennines

The Black Grouse is actually a bird in a critical status regarding numbers. So it was wonderful to see at least 20 of them feeding happily in a field whilst on a recent journey through the Durham Dales. When you see them the males are unmistakable. The black (almost dark blue in certain light) plumage with white underfeathers (look fantastic when in flight) and the deep red wattle over each eye. The females are completely different, and there was one pottering about, feeding amongst the males. In Spring, the Black Grouse is one of the few species that do...

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Gorilla Tracking Uganda – The Habinyanja Family

It was a new day and was lucky enough to have a second day of tracking a Mountain Gorilla family. After the trek, excitement and amazement from the previous days meeting with a wild Gorilla family, I was so very much looking forward to meeting another group today. Having that previous day’s experience allows me now to relax more and look on and see deeper into these truly wonderful wild animals. I must thank firstly The Insurance Emporium for helping me make this special trip! Also, if you want to win this trip for yourself you can go enter...

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The Seals of Seal Sands, Teesside

A surprising gem of a wildlife oasis, Seal Sands. The mouth of the River Tees with a backdrop of heavy industry, petro-Chemical plants, nuclear power stations all around on the horizon, yet, seals are here in abundance for all to see, and a remarkable sight to see. With all the industrial buildings around I can imagine people would never dream of thinking about how much wildlife there actually is here. A must stop if you are in the area! You can find the spot to park along the A178 south of Seaton Carew. In fact even from the main...

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Secrets of the Blue Satin Bowerbird

Every morning I see the same little bird busy around the branches across from my window. Wondering about the commotion, I take my camera out and see to my amazement a beautifully woven, intricate bower, surrounded by blue treasures. This is the courting stage, or bower, of the blue satin bower bird. The male is noted for its irridescent blue-black plumage. To win the heart of a female, the male weaves an arena from hundreds and hundreds of individually collected twigs, all a similar diameter. In the centre he erects two upswept wings which enclose a circular stage. Surrounding...

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