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Beningbrough Hall – Walks Around The Grounds

Since my move to York I never wasted any time seeking out some great local walks. It never has to be mountains and valleys to satisfy. Walks that enable you to get some wonderful fresh air and scenery, on a whim, you know the kind I mean. Not only is it the locality that drives me back time and time again to these walks but the variety en route around. One minute you are strolling by the River Ouse, then the next you are passing by beautiful meadows. Hidden pondscapes, panoramic views of the hall itself and gorgeous woodland...

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Sunsets Around York

Sunny evenings, the most wonderful time I find to take the dog out on a walk and run around. The sun is setting and the sky is turning wonderful colours with oranges, blues and purples. It has been a relatively dry Summer so we were treated most days to this colourful marvel. The outskirts of York has been my home a while now and my gosh do I enjoy wandering all around. From the City to the countryside. The view from Lendal Bridge (both above) stops many people in their tracks if they are passing over during a nice...

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Yorkshire Luxury – Frenchgate House Apartment, Richmond

Ok, it was my birthday and we wanted somewhere special to stay and get away from all the hustle and bustle. Somewhere to wind down, relax, and enjoy some wonderful time. This was the place and wonderful it was. Frenchgate House apartment, Richmond. Richmond being a perfect spot to enjoy in itself plus also in the heart of the countryside of North Yorkshire. The Frenchgate apartment is within Richmond just a stones throw from the historic centre and market place. What’s more it is huge! Large comfortable living spaces plus 4 bedrooms, you could quite easily accommodate 2 to 8...

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York Railway Station – Enjoy The Grandeur

If you have been following my wanders lately you may have seen I have spent plenty of time wandering the River Ouse, camera in hand. Occasionally these walks take me into the City of York, where I have acquired a new coffee stop, at York Railway Station. York Railway Station is one of those buildings that gets overlooked by thousands daily. The hustle and bustle of travellers and commuters not taking the time to look up and around to see how remarkable the station is. There is plenty of detail to be admired and photographed. Coffee, sit, look around....

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Sheffield Botanical Gardens

A Victorian city oasis originally designed by its first curator Robert Marnock horticulturist and landscaper, which first opened its gates to the public in 1836 is still inspiring and educating generations of families. Even in winter months this gem can capture the imagination, the gardens are planted with unusual species from around the world including well known and rare British species all planted with care for their colour, resilience or beauty. The outstanding setting incorporates inspiring art installations as well as the stunning 90-metre-long renovated grade II listed glass pavilion which has been renovated to exacting standards using thousands...

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The Strines Area, South Yorkshire

Mortimer road and the surrounding area of Strines is a true gem, a diamond in the rough that is often overlooked by those traveling along the A57 out of Sheffield, it’s a haven for wildlife and hides some gorgeous trails. The rugged natural beauty of this area brings me back time after time. In parts it is the manmade reservoirs that draws me here, but I also adore the stunning heather moorland that is a breeding ground for grouse and many other ground nesting birds. The meaning of the word Strines or Strynds as stated in The Oxford Dictionary...

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