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Sheffield Botanical Gardens

A Victorian city oasis originally designed by its first curator Robert Marnock horticulturist and landscaper, which first opened its gates to the public in 1836 is still inspiring and educating generations of families. Even in winter months this gem can capture the imagination, the gardens are planted with unusual species from around the world including well known and rare British species all planted with care for their colour, resilience or beauty. The outstanding setting incorporates inspiring art installations as well as the stunning 90-metre-long renovated grade II listed glass pavilion which has been renovated to exacting standards using thousands...

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The Strines Area, South Yorkshire

Mortimer road and the surrounding area of Strines is a true gem, a diamond in the rough that is often overlooked by those traveling along the A57 out of Sheffield, it’s a haven for wildlife and hides some gorgeous trails. The rugged natural beauty of this area brings me back time after time. In parts it is the manmade reservoirs that draws me here, but I also adore the stunning heather moorland that is a breeding ground for grouse and many other ground nesting birds. The meaning of the word Strines or Strynds as stated in The Oxford Dictionary...

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A Swaledale walk – Keld to Muker river circular

A wonderful circular walk of approximately 6 miles in one of Britain’s most beautiful valleys, Swaledale. I find it to be one of the quieter Yorkshire valleys, away from the more tourist trapping central parts. However those that venture into it will agree it is full of magnificent scenery, from river and beck to waterfalls, from grand peak tops to valley floors covered in meadow. It has a very untouched with time feel, even when going through the villages within. Why, even when coming from the more southern dales you can enter Swaledale with a most scenic route over Buttertubs...

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Mount Grace Priory – Britain’s best preserved Carthusian priory

Mount Grace Priory was founded in 1398 by Thomas Holland 1st Duke of Surrey, and was the last monastery established in Yorkshire before the Reformation. It is the best preserved of the ten medieval Carthusian houses (Charterhouses) in England. It is situated in the North Yorkshire National Park and easy to access off the A19. The humble existence of the Carthusian monks can be felt in this beautifully maintained ruin. Mount Grace Priory consists of a church and two cloisters and within the walls of the great cloister are the remains of ‘cells’ where the monks lived, worked, prayed...

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Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden

The land at Fountains was granted to 13 Cistercian Monks back in the year 1132 AD, when there was unrest at St Mary’s abbey in York. The monks fled under the protection of Archbishop Thurstan who gave them the land to start a new abbey. The beautiful Fountains Abbey and a good proportion of the ruins remain intact today. There is sound evidence of the Romanesque architectural methods used to construct this stunning building. The Abbey passed through several hands until it became the property of John Aislabie in 1693. After his death in 1742, the ownership of the ruins...

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Flamborough Head – Britain’s northern chalk sea cliff

Flamborough Head is situated just north of Bridlington on the East coast of Yorkshire. The only chalk cliffs of northern Britain, this Jurassic, natural sea wall contrasting greatly with the geology more norm to the area to the north and south. The white chalk cliffs create a rustic charm that is the home and breeding ground for an abundance of wildlife. It is reported to be one of the most important colonies of sea birds in Europe. Walks along the cliff tops give a generous view of the layered rock which have been carved out by rough seas, storms...

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