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Let’s Take a Break in the Ocean

You can’t walk everywhere, least of all on the Oceans and Seas of our planet. But that doesn’t mean they do not interest me.  There are many facinating sights and phenomenon discovered and many more to be discovered. The Bluest Ocean on Earth The exact spot of technically the bluest part of our Oceans is that surrounding Easter Island.  Why bluest?  Without going into deep long detail ….. This area has the lowest concentration of clorophyll and thus the clearest water.  In the colour spectrum red light is absorbed best by water, yellow/green least and thus blue penetrates. The...

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Mountains! Great Big Mountains

I think it is fair to say that Everest being Earth’s highest mountain above sea level is common knowledge.  But is it technically the tallest? The biggest? And is it the highest point on earth? Well let’s take a look: The Highest Mountain – Mount Everest When officially measured for height (altitude), we measure their height above sea level.  Everest stands at a staggering 8,848 m (29,028 ft) above sea level and therefore the highest altitude.  Nothing else can beat that. The Tallest Mountain – Mauna Kea Mauna Kea (Hawaii) has an altitude of just 4205 m (13,796 ft). ...

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Mt Aconcagua – The Top of The Americas

The highest mountain in the Americas. The highest mountain in the Western hemisphere. The highest mountain in the Southern hemisphere, The highest mountain outside Asia. Mt Aconcagua, Argentina, stands at 22830 ft (6959m) and towers above the Andes and lies 70 miles Noth West of Mendoza. Many climbers consider this mountain tougher than some Himalayan peaks that are over 7000m.  This is due factors including: 1.  The position South of the equator with the shape of the globe means that oxygen at a similar altitude is much lower. 2.  Vegetation and humidity disappears at lower levels thus causing very...

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Kilimanjaro – The Roof of Africa

Ahhhh the memories.  Standing at 5,893 metres (19,334 ft) wrapped up in thick clothing, standing on a glacier and watching the sun rise up over the Serengeti. In my opinion Kilimanjaro is the perfect climb to start with if you plan any high altitude ascents.  With a good backup team and good planning this can be one of the best ‘short’ high altitude ascents done in 6 or 7 days. Teamwork, great attitudes, great sights and an amazing country (Tanzania) with it’s wonderful people help to make it an experience of a lifetime. As any traveller knows, photographs never make...

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