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Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

This morning I woke up in a grey covered Pennines, a quick trip to Manchester and then within one and a half hours landed in Guernsey. Lovely, hazy sun, views and experiences abound! Guernsey, a Channel Island, only 24 square miles, but miles of walking, many visual delights and culture and history to absorb. It was an honour to be met for island familiarisation by the lovely Gill Girard, an experienced guide that within just a few hours had not only given me a taster showing me each corner of the Island but had left me hungry for more....

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Visit Norway Day 9 – Alta, Snow Scooter Safari and Nice Ice

Well, all good things must come to an end, but this was not without a great day to equal all others. We had rested overnight in the far north town of Alta and were ready for a fun packed day. First up….. Snow Scooter Safari 🙂 What a hoot! Suited up and on the trail we revved up. Cold cold air blasting the face, all negated by speed, turns and views as we wound upwards. As we reached a high plateau the wind was whipping up the snow and blowing it across the land in the sunlight, was surreal....

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Visit Norway Day 8 – The North Cape

Now it was time to go North, really North, and by boat! We were back on the Hurtigruten and up the coast once more. In the morning after the sunrise the cliffs, covered in ice and snow looked spectacular. As midday approached the ships Captain informed us that soon we would be approaching The North Cape – The Northernmost point of mainland Europe. Only the Svalbard Islands seperate it from the North Pole. What was making it more of an adventure was the fact that a storm had blown in. All passengers raced to the deck (very well wrapped...

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The Northern Lights Came Out To Play

Incredible! Throughout this whole trip to Norway we have seen and done so many things and each has been an amazing experience. Even here right now up in the far North at Alta there was one thing we could not arrange or book… to see the Northern lights. Well, all things came together for us perfectly, we were having a tour round the Igloo Hotel and having dinner when suddenly …. there they were! Up above us and before us the green glow formed and Wow! Yes! we had our light show! Words can’t describe being there watching them live,...

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Norway Day 7 – Tromsø and Dog Sleds

I cannot believe it, day 7 already. Now it was time to fly North and above the Arctic circle. First destination up here… Tromsø. No matter how early we had to get up for the flight it was difficult to sleep for what was seen out of the window. Wonderful white landscapes. Upon arrival it was out into the cold, all wrapped up and time to go dog sledding 🙂 Fantastic, something I have always wanted to do, and a wonderful surroundings we had here too. As we pulled up the dogs were howling and barking to great us. All...

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Norway Day 6 – Up the Coast and out to Sea

After leaving Bergen by ship last night we woke up on the waves to a glorious sunrise greeting us aboard. The western coast of Norway, rocky and snow covered on a clear morning. What a wake up that was, freezing air blowing the face as you step on deck but the coldness forgotten as you see what is around you. After a few more hours we arrived at our destination for today … Ålesund. A small coastal city with a great surrounding of mountains, sea and fjords. A big sight for us was to go to the top of...

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