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Visit Norway Day 1 – Lillehammer

Well yesterday we arrived on our Norway, Your Way adventure! Five of us from all round Europe taking in a whole lot that Norway has to offer. What a start it was for us. Today started off with a train ride from Oslo to Lillehammer. The home of the 1994 winter Olympics. Tobogganing. Not like I know back home, but great, fast, long way down type tobogganing! All of us had great fun, each run getting braver and braver until the brakes became obsolete. Whilst there we were invited to lunch in a tipi of all things. A great feast of reindeer and elk...

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Treading Maui With Joyce Cherrier

One thing I have noticed lately is that all my upcoming or recent challenges or climbs involve freezing cold or wet conditions. Many people have said to me they would join me on a hike….. if warmer! My wonderful friend @joycecherrier whom motivates me constantly has sold me on a new mission, Maui. Take a look at what she sees and says and see if this place ends up on your bucket list too From the desk of Joyce……. In my quest to join Paul on one of his hikes, I’m always trying to talk him into finding a...

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Capturing One Moment of Truth One Snap at a Time by Esta H Singer

Asbury Park Convention Hall is a 3,600-seat indoor exhibition center located on the boardwalk and on the beachin Asbury Park, New Jersey. It was built between 1928 and 1930. There are so many humble people I see on Twitter and Facebook that take pictures, post them and catch the eye of many. One such person is Esta H Singer (@sheconsulting). Never a day goes by it seems were I can log on to a network and not be drawn by her remarkable natural ability to capture unique moments wherever she is. Finally I was honoured to have her explain her...

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The Alps of Germany and Flying High

For 12 years of my life I lived in Germany and treat the country with great affection. A huge country with a massive variety of terrains, cultures and activities. As a hiker it was so exciting to get any time off to explore as much as possible from the Hartz to the Alps.  On Twitter there is one adventurer/photographer in Germany that really captures what I enjoy, a love of the sights around her and getting out on a trail. She tweets in English as @NiniBaseema and also tweets in her own country’s tongue at @Knaatschtante. I thought it...

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Time To Get Vertical

Mount Thor Whilst out climbing, hiking it is common that you will come along drops. Some steep, some shallow and some hair-raising… well if you can raise your hair 😉 Some are great for scrambling up, heart and lung workouts or a fast way down. Many more are aimed for by climbers with technical abilities to claim new goals in their confidence and thrills. Around the world there are many speactacular vertical drops. I wanted to take a look at a few: Longest Purely Vertical Drop on Earth – Mount Thor Simply a stunning looking drop too. On Baffin...

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Deserts! Ice, Sand and Beauty

When thinking of deserts most people tend to think of hot, sandy expanses with dunes as far as the eye can see. This image is of course true for some deserts but only a very small percentage. To put into perspective, approximately one third of all land on earth is covered in desert and of that less than 20% is actually sand. What is a desert? – A true arid desert is an area that receives less than 25 cm (10 in) of rainfall per year, an area that the evaporation of water is faster than it falls. Find...

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