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Village People – Hampstead

No we are not going to burst into YMCA, this is a short journey through one of London’s leafiest suburbs. Hampstead village, an oasis in the concrete jungle of London is a place where the countryside comes to the big smoke. Up market restaurants, high end boutiques, artisan bakeries and ancient village pubs and churches compete for space in the narrow laneways where the beautiful people live. Shops spill out their wares onto the cobblestones and locals politely elbow each other for the best bargains at the second hand shops where you can buy anything from a vintage handbag...

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A Magical Mystery Tour of St John’s Wood

There can’t be too many pedestrian crossings that are world-famous landmarks. Yet, on the corner of Grove End Road and Abbey Road in northwest London, the zebra crossing that served as the iconic backdrop for the Beatles’ 1969 Abbey Road album is still drawing in visitors from around the globe. It’s an odd experience, visiting a famous piece of tarmac. This becomes especially clear when, as a group of tourists spend a little too long trying to recreate the Famous Four pose, a car horn blows to hurry them up because they are, effectively, just standing in the road!...

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Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage – The Charm Of A London Hostel

The word ‘hostel’, I have to admit, gives me the clanging horrors. In my mind I am transported to my student days: dilapidated, mouldy buildings filled with cramped rows of beds; musty blankets; the aroma of feet and worse in the air. Palmers Lodge, Swiss Cottage, sets the clanging to rest almost immediately. Hotels in London can be viciously expensive, with no guarantee that price guarantees cleanliness, but you can stay at the award-winning Palmers Lodge in one of the shared dormitories and still have change from a twenty pound note. Not bad at all, particularly when you take...

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St John’s Wood – A Trip Around The Suburb

The NW8 postcode of St John’s Wood has recently been ranked by Forbes magazine as the fifth most expensive in London, with an average property price of £2 million. An hour spent meandering its streets one Saturday lunchtime made me see why it’s an ideal place to live for successful London families. It wasn’t until we came out of the Underground station and started wandering through the leafy suburbs, that I suddenly realised that the last time I’d been here was a frantic visit to see my dying father who’d been rushed to hospital during a Test Match at...

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Shopping in Swiss Cottage offers everything for Palmers Lodge Guests

This grand Victorian house, Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage, was built in the 1880s for Samuel Palmer of the famous biscuit empire. The building is now utilised as budget accommodation suiting the needs of backpackers and young travellers but to a high standard. In fact it has received many awards including London’s Best Hostel. Nearby shopping is excellent – Swiss Cottage Tube Station is only a minute or so walk away and right next to the Station there is a collection of interesting market stalls selling lovely cakes and cheese. Another selling high-fashion at low prices. Flowers and small plants...

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Hidden Hampstead

Hampstead Heath is the place to be to enjoy the leafy suburbs from vintage cafes to ritzy eateries . At every corner, you’ll come across a new find whether that be a stylish patisserie, an antique store or a historic home. Rummage through the antique stores for an unusual souvenir of your time in Hampstead. There are not too many London villages that have antique stores rub shoulder to shoulder with designer stores! Take a seat and enjoy the view as Hampstead is an ideal place to simply people watch and take in your surroundings at leisure. Loose yourself...

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