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South Africa – Nambiti Private Game Reserve

I recently showed you the wonderful Zulu Dance we were treated to as part of our school trip adventure to South Africa. A trip that took two years of fundraising by all the children and their parents to raise enough money to give 36 fourteen to fifteen year old students this amazing experience. It wasn’t just a holiday, we were also there to learn about the culture and compare children growing up in South Africa to children, like us, growing up in the UK. We visited the area around Durban which is in the Zulu part of South Africa. We also had the opportunity to go into schools...

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Animals Living The High Life in Altitude

When climbing to high altitudes you cannot help but notice the landscape turn from greenery to barren rock/ice. As the oxygen thins out the capacity for life diminishes. Why even as you climb up you get to realise that moving around becomes rather unnatural for lung wielding beings never mind plants. So, is there life up there living and thriving? Well, evolution and adaption has helped some creatures survive up high. The key ingredient? Haemoglobin in the red blood cells! This takes oxygen to the body tissues. Those of you who have climbed to high altitudes, where the number...

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