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Twitter Singup (Karaoke) 19 – A little Bit of Party!

Firstly, I must thank every single person who has taken part in this and all the previous Singups. From all around the world you have come out from behind the keyboard and joined in a bit of community fun! A few minutes of cheer and smiles in and amongst some mundane. I really enjoy seeing the clips come in and glueing together. It is you that make the smiles! This new one moved away from the normal ‘sat behind a desk look’ somewhat and as you become more animated the smiles get bigger 😀 Here is Twitter Singup (Karaoke)...

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Twitter Singups (Karaoke) – Fun and Smiles Around The world

What happened? I woke up one Sunday in Aug 09 and tweeted a wake up line from a Queen song.  Someone out there tweeted back the next line and then a snowball grew. The brain started ticking over with the morning coffee and… well… what if a few people from the Twitterverse all sang and squealed together. All just for fun, smiles and harmony? From very humble beginnings on the first one they have each been an absolute joy to make.  The nerves of the people taking part for the first time, the connections made when strangers sing together,...

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