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Berlin Minimal – The Reichstag and Bundestag Buildings

To those us brought up on The World at War documentaries the very word ‘Reichstag’ summons up images of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, goose-stepping SS and the dreadful, hideous reality of the extermination of up to 12 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the disabled.  6 million of these victims were Jews – estimated to be approximately 2/3rds of the European Jewish population at the time. Although the Reichstag building seems synonymous with the Nazi era it actually wasn’t used during Hitler’s time in power as he used a fire in the building on the 27 February 1937...

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Cambridge – A look around King’s College and Pembroke College

Cambridge University is an institution that conjures up a wide range of feelings in people. To me, its colleges, the older ones especially, are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and inspiring places that are steeped in fascinating history. These colleges make up a prestigious university that, from my observations, anyone from any background has a chance to experience, as access is purely on merit. Anyone who can satisfy the entrance requirements is equally respected. My observations have taken place while watching my state-educated son’s journey through his application to Cambridge and his life as an undergraduate student here. As we currently...

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Walk The Camino de Santiago

Lace up your boots, we’re in for an adventure! 116km by foot kind of adventure. Over rolling hills of lush grass and past golden fields of wheat, through ancient stone villages and with greetings from friendly locals at every turn. El Camino de Santiago, or The Way, is an absolute classic European pilgrimage and a perfect hike for those looking to get out and explore. Our trip began from the quiet town of Sarria with six days and 116km to go. The morning was fresh and clear, not to cold but just not quite warm enough for shorts. I...

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Arrecife, Lanzarote – Living Among The Locals

Twenty years ago, my husband and I ventured into the territory of holidays with a baby and all the associated paraphernalia. Two years on, this morphed into holidays with varying combinations of any two from the list; babies, toddlers and children, involving yet more possessions. This was a wonderful, magical and intense time that was beyond precious. A time of my life during which, even though I was stretched to my limit in all respects, my heart was truly satisfied in my daily quest to do the absolute best for my little family. All good things come to an...

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Damflask Reservoir in the Loxley Valley, South Yorkshire

The day was calm and the skies were a gorgeous shade of blue with just a scattering of clouds as though they were placed there in perfection, the warmth of the sun on our backs as we began our stroll around Damflask reservoir, just heavenly. Sun cream was certainly required on this day, though this is an absolute beaut of a circuit with partial tree coverage over a generous part of the track making it easy in any weather and with a very well-maintained pathway all around it is accessible to all.  The circuit around Damflask reservoir is only...

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Clumber Park, Discovering the Gems

Clumber park is a sprawling, 3,800 acres (15 km²) country park near Worksop in Nottinghamshire. The lake alone covers around 87 acres (352,000 m²) and is a popular circuit for walking, cycling or running. On route as a bonus there’s a coffee stop or an ice-cream along the way, it’s a lovely way to relax. The serpentine lake originally took 15 years to build.   I love a good stroll and I most of all like to explore and have an adventure,  at Clumber park there’s lots to see and do, there’s an enormous expanse of woodland and heathland to ramble through, the beautiful serpentine lake to stroll around to your hearts content and plenty of places to have an adventure, that is why I...

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