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Tenerife Landscapes & Seascapes: Whilst dreaming of Humboldt and Darwin

Lots of people will probably think of Tenerife as the home of cheap (ish) holidays in the sun for Northern Europeans – especially the ‘lager louts’ of Britain.  And to some extent this has been the case – Los Christianos and Las Americas still have a little bit of this image.   Tenerife and the other Canary islands, however, have a lot more to offer.  My previous blog on Dolphins outlines some of the marine wildlife watching opportunities of the islands.  The geology is also fantastic, the centre of Tenerife being the volcano of El Teide  – also the...

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Tenerife – Out By Boat For Cliffs and Dolphins

A day to rest the feet a little and catch a boat for a different kind of adventure. Time to see a bit of Tenerife…. from the waters surrounding it. All aboard and along the coast we went, west and north. Then, before our eyes came a dramatic sight, the giant cliffs of Los Gigantes! Sheer cliff faces rising out of the sea, rising 500 – 800 m in parts. Necks were straining I can tell you. A little further on came a memory of yesterdays hike, the bay of Masca, I had walked down the ravine to where it...

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Tenerife – Masca and the Ravine – Remote and the Beautiful

Time to get the hiking boots on and head to the North West of Tenerife, the Teno mountains. Picturesque that is certain and lush with greenery amongst the rising rocks. The place I needed to head was a little, very remote village called Masca. In fact so remote that it was not connected by road until just 1991. This particular road itself is an adventure. Winding, sharply around the mountainside, hairpin bends and too narrow for big coaches. Then, suddenly, there it is before you, the village of Masca. Its houses (150 inhabitants) perched on a dramatic mountainside. What...

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Tenerife – Looking forward and Animals in the Sun

A week in Tenerife. Let’s go! looking ahead to some gorgeous hikes and sights. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, belonging to Spain, 100 km off the coast of North Western Africa. Beaches, resorts, volcanic lunar like landscapes and one of the most visited national parks in the world. I hope to show you some of the delights this week First up I headed from my base in Adeje to the North Coast to Puerto De La Cruz. Home to Loro Parque. A very fine animal park indeed! On the way through I just had to stop and...

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