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More GoPro Animals On My Travels and Walks

Another year has passed and many more walks done. As I have said before I do love to get out a lot and enjoy a walk for all that it too, not just specifically with a more cumbersome big camera. The small and compact GoPro fits in any pocket and can be used for many a surprising moment. Wherever I am, anywhere in the world. Last year I did an article showing many of the animals I had met on my travels. All impromptu, all in the moment. I didn’t stop there, I carried on throughout the last months...

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Squirrels and Birds Around Museum Gardens York

It was a frosty and yet sunny day. A day that called for me to have a meeting in York so never went out with a photographic purpose. I will always have a camera on me though when out, be it just the smartphone camera or as today I had my Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360. A handy small camera for capturing the world around in 360. I had a little time before catching my bus back home and called into York Museum Gardens. Always a pleasant place to walk around. And the squirrels were out in force, hunting for nuts...

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Walks In 360 Degrees With Rusty

It is always an absolute pleasure to have days were I am looking after Rusty. It gets me away from the desk when I am not travelling and gets me walking in the great outdoors. I have been experimenting with the Kodak 4KVR360 this last couple of weeks so decided to get out and put the camera and the dog together for a day…… and some sheep đŸ˜€ Not only is Rusty a wonderful walking companion he is also a great listener, it helps when I am learning a new camera, patient dog he is. So, I have shown...

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Differing Views Of The Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360

In a previous post I introduced you to how I was getting the 360 photos and especially the Tiny Planets. I have been using the Kodak 4KVR360. Of course a tiny planet is a fun and great way to get your 360 view into a format that can be shared over social media. But the Pixpro 360 camera can do a whole lot more than that, it is a way to get any angle you wish without having to run around or take loads of photos. York Minster is the subject in the photos of this post and every...

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Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360 – A World in 360 Degrees

As I travel, as I hike, contrary to popular belief I do not continuously carry a whole load of cumbersome photography equipment and big cameras. It is often I head out with a camera yes, for those impromptu or quick walks and adventures. It is always handy though to have a small compact camera for capturing those moments and places that you may encounter. Capturing the world in 4K and 360 degrees is much better and easier now with the Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360. In the US it is also known as the Kodak Pixpro Orbit. You may have seen...

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A House Festival Experience with Samsung and Three

Marble Hill House was the venue for me last week, and a venue for a special day indeed! The House Festival was taking place and I had been very kindly invited by Samsung and Three to experience it. The House Festival felt immediately from the outset a very different and superb experience. Non stop sunshine, food, drink and great music? Not only that I had the opportunity to document it using the Samsung Galaxy S8. I was in my element. As far as festivals go this one has a real sense of charm, fun, politeness and has so much...

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360 Degrees of York with The Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Duo

Whenever get a new piece of camera equipment I love to get out and about experimenting with it. The Kodak SP360 4K Duo was even more exciting due to the far reaching capabilities of what it can do both photographically and creatively. 360 photo and video is starting to take off more and more with the advent of VR. Fully immersive videos are now easily accomplished with kit like this, enabling the viewer to see in every direction as the video goes. Also in photos you can see in every direction too, up, down, left and right. a full...

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GoPro Animals on My Travels and Wanders

The Gopro is one piece of kit I carry with me most of the time. Local walks or high climbs sometimes prohibit the want to carry a proper camera around or carry a backpack. The Gopro is so small it fits into my pocket very easily for those, you never know, moments. It gives me so much adaptability over the smartphone camera use. You have seen what can be done even in your own garden from the GardenCam articles so far. Of course being out in the countryside so much I come across animals small and large. Quite often...

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