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Sweden – Stockholm, A Family City Break

When you stay in Stockholm there are a lot of great choices. Our first time we stayed at The Grand Hotel. A lovely place that overlooks one of the many waterways. Whether you stay there or not – it’s has a great bar with the perfect view of old Stockholm. It over looks the water, but beware it also has courtyard rooms, which are uninspiring, luckily the only time we spent in the room was to sleep and shower. The bellmen are ready and willing to help, and to point you to great sights and great restaurants. But we hope to help you with a little of...

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Sweden – A visit to the fortress of Vaxholm

On the second day of our visit to Vaxholm we walked through the village to the quay. Here we boarded the small ferry to take us to the small island of Vaxholm fortress (Vaxholm Kastellet), only a few hundred meters away. The water around the island used to be the main route from the sea to Stockholm. So in 1544 Gustav Vasa built the first buildings of a fortress to defend the city of Stockholm from naval attacks. The island was attacked by the Danes in 1612 and the Russians in 1719. The ferry leaves every 15 minutes between...

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Sweden – A walk around Vaxholm

Last summer we started our first and long anticipated trip to Sweden with a visit to Vaxholm, a lovely village in the Stockholm Archipelago. We arrived at the Stockholm-Arlanda airport where we picked up our rental car and it was only a 45 minute drive to Vaxholm. Making it a nice day trip when you’re staying in the city. There’s also a bus service between Stockholm and Vaxholm. During the summer months there’s even a better way of travelling to Vaxholm: by boat ! Vaxholm is a small but truly picturesque village, well known for its wooden houses and surrounded...

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