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Gardencam highlights – Pre Spring

It has been very much an experiment that seems to be improving as I go along. Moving home has been an interruption of course but every now and then I give it a try. Set the GoPro up in various spots around the garden and see what happens. The great thing about using a GoPro in this way, rather than going for the exquisite photos with a long zoom lens, is that you get a close up with a wide angle, not just a zoom in on a bird. It gives a whole different dimension to the photos and...

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Springtime in Pontrhydygroes, Ceredigion

Just a ten minute walk from my home in Pontrhydygroes (Welsh for the bridge of the ford of the cross) are some beautiful woodland walks. In Medieval times the paths were trodden by Cistercian Monks on pilgrimage to Strata Florida Abbey (Ystrad Fflur in Welsh-the valley of flowers) at Pontrhydfendigaid near Tregaron. Later, during the nineteenth century, twice daily, at dawn and dusk, the footpaths endured the pounding of the boots of the miners on their way to and from a backbreaking day’s work at the Lisburne lead mine. Today I stand on the Miners Bridge, suspended above the...

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The Crocus – An early celebration of Spring

Spring is well on its way, the sun is treating us to more and more beautiful days. And slowly you can see the changes in nature, trees dressing up with green leaves, and flowers slowly are starting to show their colours again. It looks like the whole world is celebrating the arrival of Spring… One of these early celebrators of Spring is the crocus. A perennial spring flowering plant that grows from a corm. With its wide variety of colours and grass-like leaves, it’s one of the flowers that come into bloom in early spring and add the well needed colour...

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The Charm of The Lambs

A big signal the end of Winter is in sight. The fields all around start to get populated by the newborn lambs already. Little, curious, unsteady on their feet and enlightening the views as the days slowly, but surely, start to get longer and warmer. Even on cold, dull, damp February mornings amongst the showers, the cute little lambs bring a smile to your face and to the journeys out and about. It is a time to keep the hounds most definitely on a lead. Not that Monty and Jasmine would ever even bother them, but it is not...

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Dazzling Daffodils – The Herald of Spring

At last! A glorious fanfare of trumpeting daffodils is surely one of the most wonderful sights of the year. After what seems to be the longest and coldest of winters, the sunshine has finally arrived. Spring is here – bringing with it new life, fresh colours and renewed hope for the forthcoming year. Each year this humble, happy flower heralds a new beginning – a time of awakening. Bright sunlight makes their petals and trumpets glimmer, as if newly polished. When the wind blows, they sway in unison; a jubilant chorus-line, brightening anywhere they choose to dance. The daffodil...

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