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Walking Tenerife – Erjos to Masca

Tenerife, yes, it was wonderful to be back in Tenerife, hiking again! My favourite pastime in one of my favourite places to hike. Those that come to this island to drink and sunbathe may only see the sandy fraction of it in the South but those that wander see an island of vast variety, history, nature and culture. It was day one of the Tenerife Walking Festival and my first walk was to be Erjos to Masca, through the eastern Tuno Rural Park, along ridges and to see a beautifully green part of Tenerife. Let’s go! a 10 km...

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Tenerife – Up Close With Dolphins

It was a little bit of a surprise to me to find out that Tenerife is one of the best whale watching sites in the world.  However, it is and about a third of all whales and dolphin species can be present in Canarian water.  This includes four resident species – bottled nosed dolphins, Risso dolphins, pilot whales and sperm whales.  There are can also be up to 21 migratory species, including, Northern Right Whales and Blue Whales. So when our family holiday this summer was booked for Tenerife I had in the back of my mind “I wonder...

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Miles of Fun at Camp Jeep – Bassella

Many of you know me as being on foot, in the hills, mountains or over the countryside. But you can’t see great places without a drive and I do love a great drive! So it was very exciting to get a welcome to take a road trip and join in some of the events around Camp Jeep 2016 which this year took place in the beautiful setting around Bassella, Spain. It is the 75th anniversary of the Jeep brand so this year’s Camp Jeep took on an extra special meaning. Jeep owners and enthusiasts from all over Europe and...

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Peñíscola – Gibraltar of Valencia

Let me tell you a tale. A tale about a small town in the province of Castellón, in what is called Costa del Azahar, along the Mediterranean coast in Spain. It is called Peñíscola and it sits somewhere between the well known cities of Barcelona and Valencia. Peñíscola is a beautiful little town, lively and full of character, a very popular holiday spot amongst Spanish tourists in the Summer months (other nationalities like to visit too, it is just not as known as other Mediterranean areas). There is some history behind Peñíscola. There is a castle, called Castillo del...

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Portlligat – Home of Salvador Dalí

Catalonia, the north-eastern part of Spain.  It’s a beautiful area with lots of history and it was the home of Salvador Dalí. There’s a museum completely dedicated to him in Figueres. But there’s an interesting, yet smaller museum in Portlligat which attracted us instantly. Dalí once bought several small fishing cottages in the coastal village of Portlligat. He joined the small houses and made it his home. This is the place where he lived with his wife and where worked for a very long time. Nowadays the house is a museum, which can be visited year round.  Almost everything in and...

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Barcelona: Wondering at The Sagrada Família

Well we only had one evening at this Hostel in Barcelona so that meant only a few hours locally unfortunately to explore the vicinity. Still though, with a spring in the step we took a wander, black by black, lefts and rights. Only a few minutes away a building appeared that does attract many visitors that come to Barcelona. The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, or for short, la Sagrada Família. The building of this Roman Catholic Church started in 1882.. it is still not anywhere near finished yet, it was time to discover more, a wander round...

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