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Glastonbury 2013: Top Tips

I’ve got that sleepy, happy feeling. The dawn is about to break; peaks of sunlight shimmer their way across the sky and the scent of wood smoke lingers in the air. I’m hugging my knees, looking out at an idyllic green valley of brightly coloured tents, fluttering flags and ethereal sculptures, living and breathing to a continual, haunting drum beat. It’s huge up here in the stone circle above Glastonbury, the size of it and the beauty of it knock you flat. I’m sitting on the cusp of the day; on the cusp of the best festival in the...

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Rediscovering Familiarity in Bath

I’ve lived near Bath almost all my life, its familiar – I thought I knew it? However with a camera I started to see the city in a totally new way and fell in love with it all again. It may be only 10 miles from my front door but it is one of my favourite places and even now every time I visit I see something I’ve never seen before. The Abbey is a building that inspires and fascinates me for many reasons; it sits in the centre of the city, watching over it, pulling the tourists into...

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Wells, Somerset – A Little City With A Big History

Whilst I travelled through Somerset the other day I had the most pleasant experience of visiting Wells, a beautiful city that can boast a busy and proud history. This place is totally at the other end of a perception of a city. A population at last count of just over 10,000 gives an idea, and it lays claim to being the smallest city in England, unless you believe that the City of London should be named so. In fact Wells has held city status since all the way back to 1205 upon the build of its wonderful cathedral. A...

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Little Hill With Big Legends – Glastonbury Tor

Rising up from the Somerset levels is Glastonbury Tor. Magnificent looking and with a history of legend and mystery it is easy to see why this little hill standing all alone captures the imagination of many. Thousand of years ago it was an island, or part of an island rising up out of the water with the now flatlands being well under water. The county it stands in, Somerset, is believed to have got its name from the old word for ‘Summer Settlement’ in that the winter floods and water levels meant the people took to the hills. Time...

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