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Mum’s Special Farmhouse Stew, a Big Hug in a Bowl

Mum’s signature Farmhouse Stew has been a family favourite for generations. It’s that wonderful hug that warms your soul, the kind your mum gives you when you’ve had a hard day, or the kind your grandma gives you when she knows you’re feeling under-the-weather. My mum, Joyce, or “grandma-Joyce.” Made this deep pan of farmhouse chicken stew on just those occasions, it’s the definition of a hug in a bowl. Joyce was trained as a cook in her younger years whilst living in Hampshire and worked all the hours of the day with her friend and boss Mrs Symonds,...

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Roast Pork with Perfect Crackling

What better way to complete your weekend than with a roast dinner. This pork cooking method promises perfect crackling and delicious moist pork. I also include my favourite way to make the best tasting mash potatoes. Ingredients: Leg joint of pork, weighing approx 1kg Baking potatoes, as many as required for your desired amount of mashed potato. I use 6 large potatoes to serve 4 people. 2 knobs of butter Salt & Pepper 350ml stock 3 carrots 1 medium onion 1 tbsp plain flour splash of milk dash of mustard grated cheese Method Firstly, leave your pork out of...

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Pasta Verde (Recipe)

Do you have a pasta maker at home? Why not set it up on your bench and make something different you won’t see at many supermarkets? This exciting pasta verde – or green pasta – is made by adding cooked greens to the mixture, and adds colour, texture and moisture to the dough. It is fun making pasta at home, and the use of free range, or farm fresh organic hen eggs and homegrown silver beet or spinach takes the goodness factor up a notch. INGREDIENTS Serves 3-4 240g ’00’ flour 2 large free range eggs 1/4 cup cooked,...

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Pesto Cheesy Chicken with Roast Tomatoes

There was to be lots of us around the table, it was also my son’s 39th birthday, so something ‘chickeny’, something tasty, something a bit Italian. The Italians do family meals so well, chatty and noisy – celebratory. Something I could prepare, freeze beforehand, defrost and pop in the oven on the day. Something chickeny with pesto, garlic, Italian blue cheese (if I could source it) and tomatoey too! For 6 People: Ingredients: 6 chicken breast portions 100g Fontina cheese (or Gorgonzola) 75g strong cheddar 3 tbsp pesto (fresh is best) 2 tbsp chopped basil 3 tbsp cream cheese...

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Teriyaki Beef with Beetroot and Beans

After a busy day, reach for some pantry items to help create a quick and healthy meal without sacrificing flavour. This dinner uses Teriyaki marinade to add flavour to a quality sirloin steak and whole egg mayonnaise to create a unique dressing. Roasted beetroot and blanched green beans bring colour to the plate, and all parts of the beetroot are used, so nothing goes to waste. Clockwise from top left: beetroot trimmed root and stems, green beans, desiree potato, young beetroot leaves. Sirloin – or New York cut beef steaks – are lean, healthy and will pan sear in...

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Easy Home Baked Olive and Tomato Specialty Bread

Home baked bread can be a real pleasure to make and eat, not to mention the wonderful aromas as they waft through the house. I enjoy specialty bread with tomatoes, olives, cheese or combinations that work for me and it’s perfect to bake with the kids on a rainy day or scrumptious with a BBQ!  I love to bake my own bread and in years past I used to bake bread every week using fresh yeast, but these days my time is in short supply and so I adapt. Ready to bake bread mixes are just perfect for adapting,...

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