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Hearty Beef Casserole

Perfect for cold Winter days, this beef casserole is very tasty, warming and nicely packed with vegetables too. I like to put it all together just before heading out for a brisk walk. It is lovely to return to and sit down together for a family dinner. I like to serve it warm with buttered crusty bread to mop the gravy up with, but it goes as well with leafy green veg and creamy mashed potatoes. You will need: 400g diced beef 1 x tin chopped tomatoes 1 x chopped onion 1 x clove of garlic, chopped 3 x...

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Darn Good Roast Chicken & Herby Roast Potatoes

In all the years I have been attempting to ‘perfect’ the roast chicken I have tried several methods. This recipe below is easy, not time consuming, creates the moistest, most tender chicken meat and a fab, crisp and tasty skin. What goes better with chicken than roast potatoes? Again, I have been toying with different recipes over time and I have finally found one that works for me and my family absolutely love them. This is a great recipe for two staples of every Sunday Dinner or indeed family get together. I even use this for Christmas dinner. You...

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A Simple and Delicious Quiche Recipe

This quick and simple recipe for quiche is very tasty and versatile. Instead of buying one in for your next party why not try making one instead? The fillings can be varied and you can also add herbs of your choice to lift the flavour. Ingredients: For the pastry: 200g plain flour pinch of salt and pepper pinch of mixed herbs 100g butter, chilled 2 – 3 tbsp cold water For the filling: 250ml milk 2 eggs 100g cheese Optional fillings; 100g bacon, 100g ham, chopped and fried onions, 1 small onion, salmon & broccoli (par cook the broccoli...

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How To Create Your Own Home Made Pizza

Making your own tasty pizza dough is easier than you think. You can add your own flavours and toppings making each person’s pizza bespoke to their tastes. You can get the children involved too, to help inspirit them with a bit of cooking. The recipe combines flavour into the pizza dough but it is up to you if you want to add your own herbs or you can of course also have it plain. Both work equally as well. You can also roll the dough as flat as you like or leave it with a bit of volume if...

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Deep Filled Steak and Onion or Cheese and Onion Slices

A mouthwatering but easily made pastry slice, deep and meaty or cheesy as you wish. Makes for a great treat at tea time, a mid-week pick me up or a weekend meal, goes perfectly well with stacked chunky homemade chips and side salad or peas. These slices can be prepared in advanced which makes a very useful recipe to have to hand and can be filled as a savoury dish, meaty, vegetarian or indeed sweet. *Makes roughly 6 slices per packet of puff pastry Ingredients *One packet of frozen puff pastry, defrost and use at room temperature. A little...

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Mum’s Special Farmhouse Stew, a Big Hug in a Bowl

Mum’s signature Farmhouse Stew has been a family favourite for generations. It’s that wonderful hug that warms your soul, the kind your mum gives you when you’ve had a hard day, or the kind your grandma gives you when she knows you’re feeling under-the-weather. My mum, Joyce, or “grandma-Joyce.” Made this deep pan of farmhouse chicken stew on just those occasions, it’s the definition of a hug in a bowl. Joyce was trained as a cook in her younger years whilst living in Hampshire and worked all the hours of the day with her friend and boss Mrs Symonds,...

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