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Dangerous Beasts in Britain? Not Exactly

Very often as I set off on a local hike or a trip to the mountains I am asked questions from around the world on Twitter. Many and varied. I was struck by how many times I am asked if I come across things like bears or wild dogs here. Of course if you know Britain you may think that is a silly question, but, in the far reaches of the world people will naturally know as little of our land as we theirs. One great reason to travel is to learn and questions also help to learn. Britain...

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3 Remarkable Survivals of Freezing Proportions

As I look at the challenges ahead for me in the next 12 months, I am naturally drawn to research survival in cold temperatures. Whilst reading and learning you cannot help looking at some highly extreme and brave survivors of the cold in the past. Here are 3 great examples which include bravery, leadership and pure survival instincts: Ernest Shackleton and Crew How did ALL crew survive?… Shackleton had already made great accomplishments by the time he set of with a crew on his ship, aptly named ‘Endurance’ in Aug 1914. Having heard of Amundsen’s reach of the South...

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A Few Favourite Creatures

A few months ago I did a post on wasps and hornets. That is one of my least favourite beings but got me thinking about some I do like. Quite frankly there are thousands and thousands of animals/creatures that I love to see and learn about. Some of my goals in life are to see as many as possible untouched by humans in their own habitat and not behind a fence or glass. I thought I would share with you just a small few I admire: The Orangutan A wonderful ape. One that I could sit and watch for...

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Deserts! Ice, Sand and Beauty

When thinking of deserts most people tend to think of hot, sandy expanses with dunes as far as the eye can see. This image is of course true for some deserts but only a very small percentage. To put into perspective, approximately one third of all land on earth is covered in desert and of that less than 20% is actually sand. What is a desert? – A true arid desert is an area that receives less than 25 cm (10 in) of rainfall per year, an area that the evaporation of water is faster than it falls. Find...

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Let’s Take a Break in the Ocean

You can’t walk everywhere, least of all on the Oceans and Seas of our planet. But that doesn’t mean they do not interest me.  There are many facinating sights and phenomenon discovered and many more to be discovered. The Bluest Ocean on Earth The exact spot of technically the bluest part of our Oceans is that surrounding Easter Island.  Why bluest?  Without going into deep long detail ….. This area has the lowest concentration of clorophyll and thus the clearest water.  In the colour spectrum red light is absorbed best by water, yellow/green least and thus blue penetrates. The...

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Crossing The Pond of Accents for Parts

The other day I sat down to watch TV for the first time in ages.  I was flicking through some dramas available on series view and as I looked at clips and casts I noticed a trend that seems to be growing more and more lately…..  Brits playing Americans in big US shows. Now then, Britain is only a little island compared to the vastness and population of the States. Surely they can’t be running out of population to play roles in their own twang?  Well I did some looking into why and found that the answer is simple,...

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