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Hadrian’s Wall – Steel Rigg to Housesteads

It was going to be a bright day so it was time to head out on one of those favourite walks on a whim. I had the urge to head back to Hadrian’s Wall and a favourite little section of it, Steel Rigg to Housesteads. Hadrian’s wall, built in AD122 as the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire. 73 miles across Britain from coast to coast, Bowness-on-Solway near Carlisle to Newcastle. This small section I did this day has so much variety, history and commanding incredible views that I always truly enjoy every single step taken. The section is...

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Beautiful Britain – Entrancing Views Along The A68

I am currently living deep in Northumberland and lately have had the need to take the drive up to Edinburgh and back on a few occasions. A couple of hours drive but I must say one of the nicest couple of hours drive you can come across. No motorways, no busy dual carriageways. Just you, the car, the A68 and miles and miles of beautiful scenery. Head off through the gorgeous hills of Northumberland for a start, up to the border with Scotland for a wonderful view from up the top then just head off through the borders with...

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Up The Coquet River To Peak At Scotland

Tis worth the drive, definitely worth the escapism to travel way up deep into the Coquet Valley, get out on foot, walk to the Cheviot tops and look at the beginning of Scotland before you… here…. The Coquet River meanders downstream past places like Rothbury to end up at the east Coast. Being a more hilly man I went the other way and the remoteness and beauty just takes your breath away. The road gets narrower and narrower, the signs of human life gets more limited. Untouched Northumberland beauty stares at you in all directions. I was aching to...

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Spring Ahoy – Hiking In The Cool Sun

I just love waking up, peering out the curtains to see a gorgeous sunny day forming. Never worry about the temperature so early in the year for that, clothes help that matter. Sunny February days bring quiet roads, quiet tracks/paths and lots and lots of fresh air. Northumberland is my new home and thus exploration awaits every time I step out the front door. Hills, fields and gorgeous views with of course plenty of the fresh air. The lambs are already appearing in the fields too!! Seemed they had as much a spring in their step as I did....

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A Frosty Drive Up North…

Moving house to over 3 hours away means I’m on the road a darn lot at the moment back and forth. That doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy the scenes around me en route One great thing about a drive up through the north of England is that you are never far from hills and rolling greenery. I hate to get a leg stretch by pulling over into the expensive motorway stations. I must admit I would rather grab my coffee then take a small detour to the views that are never far from the concrete and tar roadways....

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Winter Strolling By Surprise – Rothbury

Here I was, a quick trip up to Rothbury, Northumberland. Behold, the temperature dropped, the snow began to fall and my car… well… the car decided to give up on me. Quite frankly it is not a bad place to get stuck at all. Being a weekend the mechanic at the local garage despite his fantastic efforts could not get me back on the road until the new week ahead so there was nothing else for it… Get the boots out of the bag and get out on foot. Over the local hills, white underfoot, blue overhead. Perfect, my...

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