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Minimal Amsterdam

Continuing my little foray into minimal photography whilst on city breaks and following Minimal Edinburgh and Minimal Glasgow I now present Minimal Amsterdam. OK – I admit all these pictures are not all that minimal – but still they aren’t the normal picture postcard views of a city. In my first blog about Amsterdam I quoted that the French philosopher René Descartes wrote in 1631 of the Dutch Republic: “Where else in the world can one enjoy all the comforts of life and all the interesting things that a person might wish to find? What other country is there...

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A farewell day for the KLM MD-11

It was a day to head for a flight, but no ordinary flight. It was the day that KLM would be running the final passenger carrying flights of the MD-11. I was honoured, courtesy of KLM UK, to be taken out there from my KLM regional departure airport of Manchester. Ready to be on board this unique flight and to be part of this farewell passage at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. For many aviation enthusiasts the MD-11 was a special plane, ever since it replaced the DC-10s in the 90s. The unmistakable sight of its 3 engines, plus I have received so...

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From Turkish Tulip to Dutch Icon

As I’m born and raised in the Netherlands, so it is no surprise there had to come a post about tulips at some point…. As the tulip is known worldwide to be closely related to the Netherlands…. Just like wooden shoes (no we don’t all wear them everyday) and windmills (don’t ask…we live in normal houses)  😀 Although the Netherlands is one of the biggest export countries of tulip bulbs and famous for its colourful tulip fields, the flower finds its origin in Turkey. Originally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire, tulips were imported into Holland in the sixteenth century. The...

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Netherlands – A White Wonderland

I was lucky enough the other day to be arriving in the Netherlands, just as blue skies appeared after a snowfall. Even before I saw land the sun rising in the cold cold air from over the North Sea was a wonderful spectacle. It looks so calm and warm on this picture doesn’t it? Well the chill factor was most certainly there. Loved it 😀 Soon enough the flat landscape appeared in this wonderful European country. So so different to many places I venture to. Flat.. no hills… flat and miles and miles of more flat landscape. I have...

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The Netherlands, at dusk and dawn

(A favorite dogwalk and wonderful place to calm down – IJsselmeer, Hoorn) The silence and peace in the morning or the tranquil scenes at the end of the day are my way to escape my busy life. I love to wake up early and go out for a run or enjoy a relaxing stroll in the evening. It’s a perfect way to clear my head, find inspiration or just enjoy a little time for myself. Whether i’m looking out over the fields while i’m running. Or sit down at the water side and enjoy the sound of the waves...

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