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Treading Maui With Joyce Cherrier

One thing I have noticed lately is that all my upcoming or recent challenges or climbs involve freezing cold or wet conditions. Many people have…


Time To Get Vertical

Mount Thor Whilst out climbing, hiking it is common that you will come along drops. Some steep, some shallow and some hair-raising… well if you…


Mountains! Great Big Mountains

I think it is fair to say that Everest being Earth’s highest mountain above sea level is common knowledge.  But is it technically the tallest?…


Mt Aconcagua – The Top of The Americas

The highest mountain in the Americas. The highest mountain in the Western hemisphere. The highest mountain in the Southern hemisphere, The highest mountain outside Asia….


Kilimanjaro – The Roof of Africa

Ahhhh the memories.  Standing at 5,893 metres (19,334 ft) wrapped up in thick clothing, standing on a glacier and watching the sun rise up over the…

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