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Trekking To The Top Of North Africa – Mt Toubkal

Mt Toubkal, the highest summit in Morocco, the Atlas mountain range and North Africa. Standing at 4,167 metres (13,671 ft) this makes for a memorable experience trekking to and up. This truly wasn’t a case of turning up and walking up the mountain. The goal was to trek through valleys, over passes, up the side of other mountains and culminating in the Mt Toubkal summit itself after enjoying the journey. Every step was a joy in a wonderful country over spectacular terrain. The contrast… Leaving the cold wet hills of Northumberland in the morning and landing in the hot temperatures over...

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Photographic Memories High Above Chamonix

What a week! I love being in the mountains and to spend the week climbing above Chamonix, France has obviously been incredible for me. Alas, the big aim for the weeks end was to have climbed Mont Blanc.. We cannot however foresee weather or precisely in this case too strong a wind. But, the mountain is still there next year of course and i look forward to getting back on that summit trail in the spring here. The week was perfectly ran by Exodus, whom provide a huge variety of trips around the world from top to bottom. Every...

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Mont Blanc Final Training – Tester Summit High on the Ice

For the past 2 days we have been up high at the other end of the valley to our goal Mont Blanc. Why? To test our skills and acclimatise. On the first day we trekked up to the Albert Premier Hut from the town of Le Tour.. As you approach the hut you are also met with the spectacular glacier running down beside it from above. There are worse places in the world to stay. In face the sunset we received as we looked out over the mountains was incredible. The first afternoon was spent on the glacier, rope,...

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Mountain Tops and Goals for All

Mount Vesuvius – Italy You may at times see me on a high mountain of the world, or trekking for days on end, but I assure you that some of my greatest memories and fondest climbs have been lower heights.  It’s the country, the sights variety, the experience and sense of achievement that makes a venture upwards exhilarating and makes all the effort worthwhile. I have a huge bucket list that is full of summits that on paper and statistically seem small and unworthy but each one for me will be a dream and a goal to savor. If...

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Treading Maui With Joyce Cherrier

One thing I have noticed lately is that all my upcoming or recent challenges or climbs involve freezing cold or wet conditions. Many people have said to me they would join me on a hike….. if warmer! My wonderful friend @joycecherrier whom motivates me constantly has sold me on a new mission, Maui. Take a look at what she sees and says and see if this place ends up on your bucket list too 🙂 From the desk of Joyce……. In my quest to join Paul on one of his hikes, I’m always trying to talk him into finding...

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Time To Get Vertical

Mount Thor Whilst out climbing, hiking it is common that you will come along drops. Some steep, some shallow and some hair-raising… well if you can raise your hair 😉 Some are great for scrambling up, heart and lung workouts or a fast way down. Many more are aimed for by climbers with technical abilities to claim new goals in their confidence and thrills. Around the world there are many speactacular vertical drops. I wanted to take a look at a few: Longest Purely Vertical Drop on Earth – Mount Thor Simply a stunning looking drop too. On Baffin...

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