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Black Lake of Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. A beautiful mountainous part of the world. Stunning yet wonderfully quiet, especially so early Spring when I was there recently. Snow still on the peaks quite low, but temperatures hitting 20 degrees celsius. A combination that creates gorgeous scenes, plus every day a joy to get out on foot. Within just a short walking distance of where I was staying in Žabljak was Black Lake, I had heard so much about it, time to see for myself. I was here remember as part of a challenge. To explore the area, hike and travel without any luggage....

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Lost Luggage Challenge in Durmitor National Park

A challenge indeed! When MoneySuperMarket challenged me to travel to Montenegro, hike the mountains, for 4 days, I initially thought how hard can that be? I would be in my element! Then came the catches… I was to take no more than the clothes I was wearing, a smartphone, a charger for the said smartphone and 300 pounds cash. Quite a lot of people know the pain of travelling with their luggage lost. As much as 25% of travellers according to data from ERV Travel Insurance and Columbus. So…. (oh yes of course I was allowed to carry my...

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