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A Return To Rio Secreto – The Nature

Azotador – Tussock – Halysidota sp. In September I was so lucky to see and explore the natural beauty and wonder of Rio Secreto’s underground caves in the Riviera Maya. An experience I shall never forget with amazing sights etched into my memory. As I said in the post I did about it the guides are superbly equipped with knowledge you get to learn about not just the caves but the formation, history and the wildlife above and below. Even the walk to and from the cave entrance/exit you get to see and hear a unique nature, never mind...

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Mexico – The Underground Paradise of Rio Secreto

We have all visited caves, I have many. But, I admit I had never experienced anything like this before. Rio Secreto is a huge system of caves near to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Over many many centuries an underground river of pure water has been carving out pure beauty beneath. Of course so much of it would need to be explored in diving suits, but, at the area of Rio Secreto the networks are semi filled thus making it accessible to many. Wetsuits on, right from the start as you go into one of the many entrances hidden in...

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Mexico – Over and Into the Turquoise Sea

The Riviera Maya has a beautiful east facing coast and looks right out onto the perfect turquoise Caribbean sea. Why, here at the Iberostar resort you can wander straight to the gorgeous sandy beach and into the warm water. A sight you won’t forget in a hurry. Even as a man who enjoys wandering cold hills and mountains I cannot deny that walking for miles along these sandy shores is magical. It is hard to explain how clear and colourful the water really is. It is so easy to get drawn in and the hours pass happily taking it...

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Mexico – Hello to The Riviera Maya and The Tulum Ruins

Gorgeous turquoise sea, blue sky and a warm temperature greeted us today for the first of a few days on Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Even in the Iberostar Resort of Playa Paraiso where we are staying you cannot escape wonderful surroundings. The reception and foyers, surrounded by water, great architecture and pool upon pool. Cannot wait to explore more. Photo via JD Andrews The first trip…. To the Mayan ruins of Tulum. Not far by coach down the coast is one of those places that captures the imagination when seen in person. The ruins are part of an old walled...

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