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The figures of Another Place on Crosby Beach

I happened to be passing Liverpool a few days ago and, inspired by my visit to the Angel of the North a few weeks ago, I made time to go and see another Antony Gormley installation called ‘Another Place’. This art work is at Crosby Beach near Liverpool and it consists of around 100 life size cast iron figures set out over 3 kilometres of the beach. The figures stare out to sea and as the light, tide and weather constantly change so the art work changes. They are also slowly weathering and gaining marine life encrusted on their...

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Liverpool: making great new memories

I’ve been to Liverpool this weekend for a re-union. It’s 30 years since I went to University there. As a farm boy from near the Lake District it was quite a shock to land up in Liverpool in the 1980s. At the time the economy was poor and they had riots in 1981 & 1985 – the city was quite run down. My memories are of crumbling buildings, student drinking and lots of 1980s music concerts… The Cure, Simple Minds, The Clash, Aswad, Echo and the Bunnymen… I even saw the Manchester based band The Smiths there (but as...

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