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Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

In the last post we went up high on this little Hawaiian Isle. But I can truly say that the coast in all directions holds some gorgeous surprises. With Lanai being so small and having only one city the few tarmac roads soon turn into dust tracks out in all directions. Perfect to explore and discover, 4×4 style. Beauty awaits! Out to the North, through the old pineapple plantations sits an amazing landscape, The Garden of The Gods. Desert-like, otherworld-like, hard to describe! Red earth, ancient lava combined with rock. All this combines to bring colours of all ranges...

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Lanai – Big Views on the Little Isle

Lanai, a small island forming part of Maui County is little more than 18 miles at it’s longest width and a small population of just over 3,000 with only one city. And my oh my does it pack a punch in big views. I and @earthXplorer took part in a super adventure to take in some of these views. A UTV ride up the trail to the island’s highest point! Please do not let this pic by JD scare ya 😀 It is a blast, even when I, the Brit was driving 😀 Up the track you go, through...

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Molokai – The Historic And Beautiful Halawa Valley

Hidden away down a single road on the East side of this gorgeous island is Halawa Valley. After winding round the southern coast you turn a corner and … wow… laid before you is a gorgeous bay that if you pan around from leads upstream through stunning greenery to towering natural waterfalls. If you want to experience and learn about Hawaii, the ancient cultures, the people that lived in the area then this is one excursion you cannot miss. Our guide Pilipo Solatorio, a man with great passion, was born and raised in the valley. His grandfather taught him...

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Molokai – A Peaceful Isle With Ocean Adventure

In the Maui County of Hawaii sits Molokai, the fifth largest of the Hawaiian Islands (38 miles long and 10 miles wide). So much slower than Maui itself in a truly great way and the people there have a way of life that seems so so happy and welcoming. They really care about what is around them and everyone has that happy, positive feel about them. I have already posted about the famous Leper Colony and sea cliffs hidden on the North coast, but beauty is everywhere on this isle so next… the waters of the South coast, home...

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Molokai – A Mule Down the Cliffs To The Kalaupapa Story

In the 1860s Hawaii had a problem. The spread of Hansen’s Disease (Leprosy). The answer in the day was to send those afflicted to exile in the kalaupapa peninsular on Molokai, part of the Maui County islands. This little area, only accessable by a very steep mule track from the rest of Molokai became famous for endurance, unfathonable human kindness from individuals, and especially a priest, now a Saint. Father Damien. There is now an airport on the peninsular, but many, like us chose to take the mule track down. 2 hours, Totally downhill, sheer drops to the side....

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Maui – Refresh With a Bike Ride Down A Volcano

The sun was out, the wind was low. A perfect day to get out, up, and ready to bike down a volcano. Sights to behold, speed to feel and freewheeling with ease and no effort all the way down. Super! We met or guides from Maui Easy Riders at the bottom and they take you by minibus all the way up the winding road and through the villages where you see a new perspective on Maui life. Once up there the bikes are sized and helmets sorted then….. we were off!! The bikes are specially designed for downhill and...

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