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Malta – Azure Ultra Luxury Yacht Experience

Malta is a wonderful island for sun, food, history and relaxation. I have been many a time as you know and recently I was kindly invited to spend time in luxurious relaxation, aboard the yachts of Azure Ultra. These yachts you would think belonged to mega mega millionaires but these yachts you can own your own time for or charter yourself for a memorable experience. Enjoy Malta in a whole special way! Malta is wonderful to explore… but what about seeing it from a whole new perspective? Every whim is taken care of. You have your own Captain and...

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A Trip to Malta with KAYAK

No no, we didn’t paddle to Malta, for all you ‘feeling hilarious’ people will reply from the title 🙂 This was a short last minute trip using only and the KAYAK app. I was kindly invited to try it on a budget and see how easily it was to get all I needed for a great experience away on a whim! So. Easily done. Onto the site and away I went. Flights, accommodation and hire car required. Kayak works by scouring hundreds of sites for you and bringing them all to one place. Choose the one you want and...

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Malta – Stay in luxury at Golden Sands Resort

I have had the pleasure of staying here, at Azure Golden Sands Resort and Spa, a couple of times over the last year or so and in fact has been a perfect place to base myself for all the places in the articles I have shown from my times in Malta. Away from towns and cities on the island yet within easy reach of them, perched on the cliffs overlooking the sea and of course the gorgeous Golden Bay Beach! I am very pleased to be able to offer you a chance to experience this yourself at a special BaldHiker...

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Malta – Clapham Junction (Dingli Cart Ruts)

The Dingli Cart Ruts are one of those spots on Malta that brings history and mystery together, with quite a bit of geology thrown in too. As I was walking the Dingli Cliffs on the western edge of Malta there were signs inland to a place known as simply ‘Cart Ruts’ or maps saying ‘Clapham Junction’!? It was time to investigate of course. Once you park up you cannot miss them. A large field of limestone paving with parallel tracks leading across in all directions. I have come across Cart Ruts before on the Oregon Trail. In so many ways...

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Malta – Cake at The Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

In a previous post I showed some wanderings around the old capital of Malta, Mdina. A city free of cars and just the hustle and bustle of tourists and a whole plethora of alleyways and buildings to explore. One of the most popular stops on a walk through is The Fontanella Tea Garden. A cafe with no razzmatazz PR etc, a place that speaks for itself, in word of mouth, quality food, views, and famous home made cakes. It is true, when in Malta and you say you have been to Mdina, a whole lot of people will automatically...

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Malta – a wander around Mdina, the old capital

If you have ever travelled around Malta there is surely one place you cannot miss. High, near the centre of the main island on top of a hill, the old capital city of Malta, Mdina. The silent city. Way before Valletta came into play Mdina was the centre of all that was Malta. You can see it prominently in the skyline from miles around and the old grandeur hits you even before entering throughinside the walls via the Mdina main gate (below). There has been evidence of settlement here going back to around 4000 BC but it was the Phoenicians...

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