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Wanders and views at the Crook O’Lune

The Crook O’Lune, Caton, Lancashire, is a great spot for idyllic walks, tougher walks, picnics, dog walks, cycling or just for getting some good old fresh air within beautiful surroundings. Located not far eastwards from J35 of the M6 it provides such an easy access to a day of relaxation or a day of earnest walking through the Lune Valley. Even Monty and Jasmine love the walks around here, tiring themselves out every time πŸ˜‰ The name comes from the way the Lune River cuts back on itself here at 180 degrees right and then goes 90 degrees left....

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Take a walk through Lancaster

Lancaster, the county town of Lancashire. It was sunny, I had an hour or so to spare, and it would have been a waste not to wander through some of its history. An ancient settlement that was once home to a Roman fort that grew into an important centre throughout the ages for commerce and culture. The great River Lune passes through it hence the name.. ‘Lan’ derived from the name of the river and ‘caster’ from the name of a Roman fort. Caster, chester and other derivatives appear all over old Roman British names giving a glimpse to...

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Morecambe Bay – Shades Of The Setting Sun

For a number of reasons I venture oft to the vicinity of Morecambe Bay and the surrounding towns. Be it along its northern shore near Ulverston or Barrow-In-Furness or round below the Lake District in the areas of Carnforth, Lancaster and the town of Morecambe itself. This day today was one of those gorgeous days that I knew would end well. Blue, calm skies turning to dusk as the sun set out in the bay due West. Time for a coastal stroll πŸ™‚ The Morecambe and surrounds I remember from childhood memories (roller coasters, tacky promenade, seaside town like...

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Pendle Hill – A Lancashire Social Stroll

It was that time again… Time for the next #TweetupandHike. After Helvellyn, Northumberland, Snowdon of previous events it is wonderful to see it being joined by not just Tweeters but Facebookers, and friends of too! This time it was Lancashire, Pendle Hill being the wander. As always it was new faces and faces of old in the shape of @xwidep @andywilliamson1 @draywilliamson @cindyvriend @animal_watch and Ian.Β Hiking in groups like this without formalities and just social media in common to start with it is amazing the kinds of great people you meet, whom you would not normally do in another...

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