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Among Elephants in Kenya

I have always loved elephants and my dream was to go see them where they belong in their homes. 16 days in Kenya with 5 day private safari… Plans were made with every detail of the safari carefully planned. A birthday treat! Amboseli was a dream come true.. seeing Mount Kilimanjaro at sun rise was amazing, shriek of amaz with elephants in the horizon, elephants in our lodge garden, roaming around, and me in awe, I must admit the odd shriek of amazement came out. One of my most magical moments was seeing a 2 week old baby elephant with its mum, as tears rolled...

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Moments With The Elephants Of East Africa

A Page From My Notebook: Bringing The Thunder. As storm clouds roll in so does this elephant family. They are letting me know exactly who is in charge. I am probably best known for photographing elephants. I have photographed them in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, and South Africa.  In each country the elephants are different. The environment they live in is drastically diverse in each country on the continent of Africa. In Kenya, there is the open land of Amboseli National Park. Here the herds are vast. On safari, I keep a journal, a sort of photographic notebook....

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Healing The Hearts Of Kenya’s Orphans

In April of this year, during the period of long rains, I pushed along the flood soaked roads of Nairobi to the entrance gates of the Nairobi elephant orphanage. This was my first stop on a month long journey with the elephants of East Africa. Looking through the broad iron gates, it was difficult to imagine, even for a moment, a haven for the orphaned victims of the illegal ivory trade.  After all, “orphaned” meant homeless, unwanted, and unloved. But as I stepped inside I sauntered into the world of Daphne Sheldrick, and the healing arms of the David...

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Colours Of Kenya with Sarah Rees

People know I don’t like to just stop at Travel, hiking or views. Popping up on social media I see many many people championing the nature side of travel as well as sharing expert insights. A delight in the stream is Sarah Rees. Knowledgable, sharing and always positive. A pleasure to learn from and quite incredible with a camera. I was honoured she chose to share the wildlife, captures and insights on one particular trip here. From the desk and camera of Sarah……… Everywhere you look in Kenya there is a photo to be taken, or a story to...

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