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theatre Amandola-6- Le Marche

Amandola Theatre – Teatro La Fenice

In a previous post I showed you a wander through the beautiful streets of Amandola, Le Marche, Italy. Well it was time to take a…

Venice Classic Blog-1- italy

A classic stay in Venice

After the initial excitement of booking it we’d become a little unsure of our August trip to Venice. Loads of people began warning us of…


Street scenes of Giudecca, Venice

In the last post looking out along the waterfront of Giudecca I promised to show some of the scenes within this isle and tell you…

DSC_0009 copy

Rome – Marvelling At The Forum

Travelling through Rome from one site to another there is one set of ruins that you cannot fail to see. The Roman Forum (Forum Romanum)….

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