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The Perfect Trattoria in Rome

My friend Katie and I were busy getting lost in Rome when we stumbled, quite literally, across the most incredible little trattoria. It was so incredible that I need to share it with you, so it can be added as a compulsory ‘to do’ on your next trip. We’d been ambling down the river, walking back from a failed trip to the Vatican (failed because it turns out we actually only saw the museums…), when we came into Trastevere – a cute little neighbourhood of cobbled streets and pizzerias. It started to rain so we dove straight first into...

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La Fessa of Smerillo: Through the cleft in the cliff

Smerillo, Le Marche, Italy is an astounding place. So much so it deserves an article of its own that I shall post here of course. A village perched high on a hilltop, there is a unique natural wonder to walk through on the way up or down, La Fessa. Around 3 and a half to 5 million years ago a fissure split a part of the cliff away and today you can walk… or squeeze your way through quite easily. It is only a five minute walk through at normal pace… but you will be spending a lot longer than that...

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La Conca: Delicious Agriturismo of Le Marche

A day for feasting, a day for walking of a different kind. Walking around the gardens and fields of La Conca in Le Marche, Italy, picking most of the herbs and ingredients for the great dinner we were to enjoy. In the beautiful area of Smerillo. Oh my what a backdrop too. The sun beating down with the snow capped peaks of the Sibillini Mounatains around us. I will be the first to admit that before today I did not have the first clue about herbs and edible plants. But just walking the farmland and the garden here at...

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A low flight over the Sibillini Mountains

A flight at dawn, low, over the Sibillini Mountains of Italy. Now this was a treat for an early morning indeed. Those of you that know me will be quite aware I enjoy getting up and out early. This was one of those days where that feeling was made even more special. From a little runway in the heart of the beautiful Le Marche region of Italy, not far from Amandola, we hopped on our little plane that would take us up and around the peaks. Within only a couple of minutes the green hills and villages of the...

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Hike through the Gorge dell’Infernaccio up to the Hermitage of San Leonardo

A glorious day for a glorious hike. Was time to venture a little into the Sibillini Mountains and get my hiking boots on. I love hikes in the mountains as you know and I especially love beautiful hikes that take in some quirky history coupled with stunning backdrops. This walk, starting from near Montefortino, Le Marche, Italy, is a perfect walk and climb for all ages. And a very memorable one at that! Even from the car park the sight of the Sibillini mountain range already gives you a sense of great views to come. But the great views...

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Amandola Theatre – Teatro La Fenice

In a previous post I showed you a wander through the beautiful streets of Amandola, Le Marche, Italy. Well it was time to take a look inside one of the buildings. Up near the top of the town is the local theatre, from the outside it looks like a tall thin building of the style and keeping of surrounding buildings and towers… The huge surprise comes as you step inside as you stop, stare and look around, up and down, in wonder. Such a fascinating building to visit in its own right. La Fenice theatre in English translates to...

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