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Iceland – The Escapism and Beauty of The Laugavegur Hiking Trail

I was off grid in digital life for a period of time on my Iceland trip, and why? I was taking in the 55 km Laugavegur Hiking Trail . I can truly say it was one of the most memorable and exhilarating few days I have had. Wildness, beauty and extreme landscapes all around, non stop. Variety cannot be understated. I would normally pick out a few of the photos for here from my treks but this is one of those occasions I cannot do any justice without showing more. Here is a short video slideshow that will give you...

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Iceland – A Wander Up To the Eruption Site of Eyjafjallajökull

Quite a lot of people remember the famous ash clouds that grounded aircraft in 2010. Even the name of the eruption site in Iceland became widely known as the volcano that cannot be pronounced. Believe me I have had many Icelandic people say it to me slowly here but alas I still cannot say it properly. Well, today was a great day for me, I had the opportunity to hike up to the point of the initial eruption. A unique experience to see the surrounding from on high and at source from a very very young eruption. Brisk was...

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Iceland – Waterfalls, Water Spouts and Views from a Rift

Wow! What a day! Actually it began with a morning of rafting down a great river in the wilderness, unfortunately this is very camera unfriendly… Fortunately I hired a water camera and will upload when developed 😀 But what awaited down the road was incredible.. A truly wow moment for a man like me… Gullfoss Falls, Iceland (Golden falls). Yes. It really is one of those ‘a photo doesn’t do it justice’ places. A huge 2 step falls that from whatever angle or distance gives an aura of magnificence. From the viewing platform high above you cannot see where...

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Iceland – The Blue Lagoon

Well, what a start….. and … relax 🙂 At 12.30 pm today I was still in Manchester, what surprised me was that I ended up in this volcanic water paradise of Iceland within 4 hours. The fresh air and paradise in the geothermal waters of Blue Lagoon Iceland. Absolutely relaxing and to think you are surrounded by the pure Icelandic, volcanic countryside. How does it work? Well the seawater goes 2000m underground and meets the the heating force from deep inside. At this depth the temperature is 240°C/464°F and the pressure is 36 times the pressure on the earth’s...

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