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The Deva Triathlon 2017 – Chester

Recently I went to Chester to take part in my first triathlon of this year, The Deva Tri. This was a middle distance triathlon so consists of a 1900m swim, a 90km bike then a 21km run. I had done this distance once before in September last year so was interested to see how I got on this year. I’ve been doing more cycling the last few months but have only managed to get to Salford for some open water swimming 4 times so was expecting the swim to be tough. The event also runs an Olympic distance triathlon...

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Running The Manchester Marathon

My intention was never to run a marathon this year but having been trying to get back into some running before I do some triathlons later this year I decided to go and run it with a friend who was after getting her personal best time. I have raced marathons in the past and been through the agony of avoiding everyone who sneezed or coughed within a half mile radius of me for the final months up until race day and not doing anything out of the ordinary in case I got injured and all the training went to...

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Hebden Bridge Fell Race – Hills, Moors and Pikes

A popular local race for the hardy fell runners is the Hebden 15/22 which is run each year at the end of January. Having not attempted a fell race before, this one is just about as brutal as they get with a 15 or 22 mile option over some very undulating terrain (almost 3000ft of ascent in 15 miles) in usually bad weather. A friend of mine who is training for a ultra-marathon later in the year suggested that I enter to run the course as a good introduction to fell running, so, on the 21st of January I...

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Fitbit Blaze – Motivational and Practical

Over the last few years I had been carrying an injury. It had restricted my hiking for a while and also my fitness and the weight came back on! Well I decided to shift the injury properly and get back to my proper and fit days. 7 months later I have lost around 5 Stone (70 lb/31 Kg). A combination of very strict Keto diet (more of that to come in the health section), plenty of gym/walking, and motivation. I have used smartwatches of many variety in the past. I have found many to be either ugly, bulky, impractical or...

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The Azores – A Sao Jorge Adventure from Top to Bottom

It was time for adventure, it was time for adrenalin and fun. I had hopped across to another gorgeous Azores island, Sao Jorge. Yes the pace of life here is very slow. Small communities around every island with a very warm welcome. In fact one thing that has surprised me lots is that even though as part of Portugal and thus part of the Euro area, the costs are markedly low. Like when ordering a beer I can only smile when they charge me less than € 1.50 each time 🙂 But a heart pumping adventure escape can be...

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