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Witt-Woo! Photographing the Cumbria music scene

Pikey Beats There are some situations that require a great knowledge and talent of photography to get it right. Blue skies and sunshine help me with my hiking photos and subjects at the right time of day etc. One person I have been admiring is a local fellow to me by the name of Paul Witterick. Shots of great musicians and bands taken from the darkness of the crowds, together with the bright lights of the stage show, with all the movement therein. Such a hard thing to do and he makes it look so easy… I wanted to...

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The Chocolate Waterfall – A Delectable Cocktail

Anyone that knows me will know I love three things…. Coffee, chocolate and a tipsy drink… Imagine my delight when I asked a wonderful friend Cheri Loughlin, a mixologist, cocktail maker extraordinaire if she could make a gorgeous cocktail with all three! And… yes. she produced a gorgeous recipe for us here. Without hesitation I shall pass you over to Cheri and this chocolate heaven. From the desk of Cheri Loughlin.. When I was a little girl I loved candy and I loved to read. So the book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl, was like the...

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A Whisper of a Touch by Paddy Hinton

It is that time of year were the signs of summer pops up all over my social media streams. Pictures from many talented and good friends that capture that moment in nature bringing good moods and smiles to all whom happen upon them. Paddy Hinton I have seen has been busy with a passion for all things small and nature filled. I was honoured she would share some of this passion and thoughts here. From The Desk of Paddy Hinton I have a passion for growing flowers, photographing their beauty, be it just the edge, a touch, a whisper...

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Intoxicated By London With Marianne Knight

Being a northerner and country fella I am only normally passing through London on business or for a day or two. There is a local that has caught my eye with her passion for the place and has a real personal way of showing the city and her views. Please meet Marianne Knight. From The Desk of Marianne Knight It is often said that London looks it’s best in the sun. And it’s true, there is something intoxicating about the bright rays of sun over the beautiful architecture, centuries of history come alive and you can feel an overwhelming...

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Looking At Things Differently – Pati Robins

It is that time again. Time to take a look at the work of someone humbly flowing great work through the social media streams that catches my eye. Pati Robins captures my imagination due to the way she catches the detail in the world around her. And seems to do it with natural ease. Pictures that may seem simple forgotten memories to you and me with the naked eye, but she captures moments in time so well to leave long memories I am sure. From the desk of Pati Robins When Paul asked me to do the guest post...

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Winter Magic Of The Black Forest

It is time again to take you on another journey via a gem of a friend on social media. I cannot wander everywhere at once of course but the last few weeks I have been following the steps of Martina Kaut in the beautiful white winter setting of The Black Forest. It is a joy to see her zest for getting outside and taking a walk in all weathers. There is beauty every day out there if willing to go see. Having lived in Northern Germany for much of my life I have affection for the country however, unfortunately...

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