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Guernsey Day 5 – Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes

Well, time flies when you are having fun and even though this is an island where you can drive to any part of from any part within 20 minutes, I have left wanting to come back and do lots more. What a great final day too! Starting with adrenalin and action, in the sea. On Day 4 I hiked along the top of cliffs of the south coast but this morning….. Coasteering along the rocks at their feet. Seeing the coast in a new perspective along the way. I had never done coasteering before and always willing to try...

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Guernsey Day 4 – Sunrise, Clifftop Trek and Foraging

On Day 2 I sat and enjoyed the Sunset on Guernsey at Cobo Bay. Today I thought it would be nice to see the sunrise. Great being on an island that you could actually see both in a day, or even walk to each of them the same day too 🙂 This morning I was not to be disappointed at all for getting up early. After the sunrise and into the day with a hike across the southern coast cliff path. Paradise for me. Miles of perfectly kept pathways, views around each corner and the turquoise sea hitting the rocks below me....

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Guernsey Day 3 – Biking and Hiking The Island of Sark

After the great excursion across to Herm yesterday I was really looking forward to another island hop to explore new miles. Today I took the 45 minutes across the water to the island of Sark. Within minutes of landing there you get a real sense of some of the great things people enjoy here. Wonderful scenery, peace and tranquillity. This island is 3 miles long and 1 and a half miles wide and every part of it is explored to the full by many every year. There are no cars, adding to the unique tranquility, you have three choices...

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Guernsey Day 2 – Bluebells, Sunset and Herm Island

Day 2 and it feels I have done/seen so much already. This morning was up and ready for the 20 minute ferry crossing to Herm Island. What a remarkable place to set foot on. One and a half mile long and less than a half mile wide this island has so much to offer. No cars, just pure natural splendour. On arrival I was met by Lesley Bailey whom lives on the island. Incidentally there are just 60 permanent residents who live there and nobody is allowed to live there unless working towards the upkeep and running of the island. Lesley...

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Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

This morning I woke up in a grey covered Pennines, a quick trip to Manchester and then within one and a half hours landed in Guernsey. Lovely, hazy sun, views and experiences abound! Guernsey, a Channel Island, only 24 square miles, but miles of walking, many visual delights and culture and history to absorb. It was an honour to be met for island familiarisation by the lovely Gill Girard, an experienced guide that within just a few hours had not only given me a taster showing me each corner of the Island but had left me hungry for more....

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