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Walks On Crompton Moor (High Moor), Oldham

Spanning approximately 160 acres and is one of the largest open spaces run by Oldham Countryside Service and is a registered common in Greater Manchester. It has also been a site of biological importance from 2003. The coal and sandstone quarries in Brushes Clough and Pingot were halted in 1970’s and Brushes Clough Reservoir was constructed in 19th Century. Crompton Waterfall flows into Pingot Quarry from Crompton Moor and then into the River Beal. Ancient artifacts have been discovered on the moor such as a palstave from the Bronze Age. On a Sunday afternoon we like nothing better than...

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Running The Manchester Marathon

My intention was never to run a marathon this year but having been trying to get back into some running before I do some triathlons later this year I decided to go and run it with a friend who was after getting her personal best time. I have raced marathons in the past and been through the agony of avoiding everyone who sneezed or coughed within a half mile radius of me for the final months up until race day and not doing anything out of the ordinary in case I got injured and all the training went to...

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Dove Stone Reservoir – A Saddleworth Gem

A place I have actually lived at and a place that draws me back time and time again, Dove Stone Reservoir, Saddleworth. On the outer edge of Oldham and Greater Manchester, above the village of Greenfield and nestled below the Pennines is this area of beauty that can be, and is, enjoyed by many. You may or may not know I am an Oldham lad, aye! From as young as I remember my dad took me on my first steps in nature and on hills at Dove Stone. Childhood adventures among the rocky outcrops, boulders and forests. It was...

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The Hounds And The Hills

On Twitter I am often asked if I take my hounds with me on my treks, hikes and climbs. Well, the short answer is unfortunately… not all the time….. but as much as I can 🙂 They love nothing better than getting out in the fresh air, nose down to the ground, exploring and bounding. But, alas, Bassett Hounds like Monty and Jasmine are very heavy (Monty is 35 kg) and long, with short legs. To take them on steep climbs, or even often up the stairs would be damaging to their spines and legs very fast. This is...

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Saddleworth – Standedge, My Peace Spot

I am born and bred in Oldham/Saddleworth so although I have moved around a lot in my life I have a deep connection with this hilly part of the world. My first hills, my first game of cricket and childhood memories in nature on foot. Of course over the past few years since living back in the area I have rekindled the total love of the place and I showed you some of my local Saddleworth sights here last year. However, the hounds and I have had one special walk/climb. Tis one that has been right out the front...

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Autumn Through The North Of England

Saddleworth – A walk along the canal, Uppermill Autumn! Tis the season of colour. I love hiking and walking in any season. I can take to an old walk I have done and get a whole new perspective as the whole scenery changes through the seasons. Even my iPhone camera starts to point in different directions with my eyes. The trees become intruiging as they go bare, brown or purple, the evergreens standing amongst in contrast. Over the past few weeks I have been criss crossing the north and around my home area of Saddleworth. Those that know me...

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Hartshead Pike – The Edge of the Pennines at Dusk

On the side of the pennines, just a few miles from my home above Ashton-Under-Lyne and Mossley, sits Hartshead Pike. (Map) Not a huge hill at all, nothing spectacular from some angles….. BUT, when you stand atop at the right time its splendour becomes apparent. For looking out to the West you realise this is the last hill before the City of Manchester and the flat miles of Cheshire. You can look out this way and to your rights lays Oldham on its hill, the Lancashire hills of Bolton, Bury behind. The skyscrapers of Manchester rising out of the...

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Greater Manchester Hidden Beauty – Walkerwood Reservoir

I live in the hills yes, in fact an area called Saddleworth as you may probably know. This Pennine hills area was once part of Yorkshire and now since boundary changes is ‘technically’ in Greater Manchester as part of Oldham. People tend to think of the county as sprawling built up regions, old mills, factories, towns and terraces. As it borders Cheshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Merseyside it has stole some beauty with it on formation. As I train I do not always travel out to the mountains or dales. There are great walks right here on the doorstep,...

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