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Zingy Lemon Cheesecake

This recipe makes a beautifully light and refreshing cheesecake, perfect for Summer get-togethers. You will need: 20 cm (8 inch) cake tin For the base: 200g (7oz) digestive biscuits, crushed 90g (3.5 oz) butter, melted Filling: Finely grated rind and juice of 3 lemons 15ml (1tbsp) powdered gelatine 225g (8oz) low fat soft cheese 150ml (1/4 pt) natural yoghurt 60ml (4tbsp) clear honey 2 egg whites Method Grease and line your cake tin with butter and grease-proof paper on the base. Crush the biscuits, the best way of doing this is to put them in a plastic bag and...

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Pesto Cheesy Chicken with Roast Tomatoes

There was to be lots of us around the table, it was also my son’s 39th birthday, so something ‘chickeny’, something tasty, something a bit Italian. The Italians do family meals so well, chatty and noisy – celebratory. Something I could prepare, freeze beforehand, defrost and pop in the oven on the day. Something chickeny with pesto, garlic, Italian blue cheese (if I could source it) and tomatoey too! For 6 People: Ingredients: 6 chicken breast portions 100g Fontina cheese (or Gorgonzola) 75g strong cheddar 3 tbsp pesto (fresh is best) 2 tbsp chopped basil 3 tbsp cream cheese...

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Decadent Chocolate Tower Cake

As I bake a lot of wedding and celebration cakes I have found this cake recipe to be the most versatile, easy to bake and by far the tastiest, packed full of decadent chocolate flavour. It can be used to create a birthday cake or simply something nice for the weekend. The beauty of it is you can choose whatever chocolates you like to go on top, such as M&Ms, fudge, honeycomb chocolate, basically whatever you like. You can also melt a little white chocolate and drizzle over the top for effect. A small warning – if you are...

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Pecan & Prosecco Apple Crumble

The trees in our orchard row are groaning under the weight of a bountiful harvest of Granny Smith apples: tart, firm fruit suitable for cooking pies, sauces and of course, apple crumble. This satisfying sweet dish resembles a flan without the crust and is enhanced by the addition of prosecco and pecan nuts. Especially delicious after dinner on a cool evening, this dessert will have your guests and family clamouring for seconds. For a larger gathering, double the quantities shown below and use a larger pan. INGREDIENTS Serves 4-6 4 large Granny Smith apples 100g butter 50g caster sugar...

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Strawberry Dream Cake

You will need: 3 x 8″ sandwich cake pans greased and lined Ingredients: 16 oz Self Raising Flour 16 oz Caster Sugar 16 oz Marg 8 Eggs 2 tsp Vanilla Essence 1 punnet of Strawberries Filling and Topping: Jar of luxury Strawberry Jam 500g Butter 1 kg Icing Sugar 1 tsp Baby Pink Paste Colour (not liquid) 2 tsp Vanilla Essence 10 Luxury Chocolate Balls 100g Milk Chocolate Method: Cream butter and caster sugar together Add the beaten eggs and blend in Stir in the sifted Flour and then add Vanilla Essence Cut up your strawberries ( image 8429)...

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Chocolate Triple Layer Cake

A moist,sweet chocolate cake – it looks delicious and tastes delicious… You will need: A flat baking tin- preferably a swiss roll tin but a baking tray with sides would be just as good You will need to grease and line this Ingredients: For the sponge: 6 Eggs 7 oz Caster Sugar 2 tsp Baking Powder 3oz Plain Flour 2 tbsp Golden Syrup 2 tbsp Cocoa Powder A lid full of Amaretto Icing Sugar for dusting For the Filling: 250ml Double Cream 410g tin of Black Cherry Pie Filling Spreadable Chocolate sauce Squirty Chocolate sauce Method: Separate your eggs...

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